Best Sites Like WorldStarHipHop 2021

Why are you looking for the best sites like WorldStarHipHop as Worldstarhiphop (WSHH) is an entertainment type of sites founded by Lee” Q” O’Denat on9th August 2005. This website is a video blog content-aggregating with a unique visitor of average 528,726 per day as per recorded on internet result. From the first day, this website increases visitors from all around the world. Because of the unique content, the traffic of this website is ranked about 235th on Alexa ranking in the United States and 992nd worldwide.

The site routinely includes open battling got on record, music recordings and grouped substance focused to youthful crowds. Lee alluded to the site as the “CNN of the ghetto”. In 2012, Alexa Internet expressed Contrasted and all Internet clients, its clients are excessively youngsters and they will, in general, be childless, respectably taught men 18–21 who peruse from school and work. The originator of worldstarhiphop began the site with Brandon Benjamin as a merchant of mixtapes. Soon after the site’s dispatch, programmers demolished the site.

The return of Lee “Q” O’Denat with worldstarhiphop concentrated on hip bounce hamburgers, notwithstanding softcore obscene video models, which were already famous through “road DVDs, for example, Cocaine City, Smack, The Come Up and other raunchier partners. O’Denat utilized the setup of a site which had just been conveying that kind of material.

By 2012, BET had cast a ballot WorldStarHipHop as the “top hip bounce and urban culture site” for a long time in succession. On August 5, 2014, Deadline announced that Paramount was taking a shot at a film dependent on the site with Russell Simmons expected to create the film.

WorldStarHipHop Fights:

The site is scandalous for posting recordings of fierce battles, police fierceness, and open adult acts, open disgracing, tyke disgracing, and kid misuse. Huge numbers of the recordings of rough occasions have turned into a web sensation. Hence, WorldStarHipHop has been named a stunning site. The Gothamist blog portrays the webpage as “an Internet cesspool that is traded out enthusiastic about silly battle recordings.

The webpage’s notoriety has made a kind of voyeuristic input circle, in which disassociated observers promptly tape vicious occurrences and go about as though they’re as of now viewing a video on the Internet”. Starting at 2012, in certain recordings of brutal battles, individuals serenade “World Star” in acknowledgment that the video might be posted on the site.

One 2012 video was demonstrating an Elyria, Ohio (Elyria is a city in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan factual region) where a lady is beating another lady, circulated around the web. Edwards turned out to be so outstanding that it inclined on Twitter alongside the name “WorldStarHipHop“. The video got around one million perspectives in a solitary day.

It was the tragedy for Worldstarhiphop website when Lee “Q” O’Denat the founder of this hip-hop website died because of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. He was just 43 years old and that was the beginning of the downfall of the Worldstarhiphop website. The website considers as a crime by the president of united state George W. Bush when the kid video goes viral where a “kid talking about his plans to kill”.  President said that the parents of this kid should be arrested by the secret service along with the website purveyor and the website again goes down. There were other cases involved in lawsuits for copyrights infringement and Rapper 50 Cent also sued Worldstarhiphop.

In the situation, people searching for the Worldstarhiphop alternative but it is not easy to get similar features with a huge fan following where people live to visit for the latest update hip hop music. In this situation, I did deep search and collect this below list which provides you the best hip hop experience as Worldstarhiphop was providing.

Best Alternative TO WorldStarHipHop


Worldstar has the certificate to run the website but XXXLMAG did not get yet which visitors hope that this website bounce in for updates. Also, on the off chance if this website gets it then this website will be completed the comparing with WorldStarHipHop alternatives list. It has accumulations of normal hip hop news and fascinating CCTV recordings from local people. Separated into music, news, recordings, and others to effortlessly explore for what’s required. It even has a shop selling its own clothing (XXL tees and hoodies). All things considered, that site ( is secured with https, however. You can buy them in the event that you like, all verified.


BOOBOOTV is the Worldstarhiphop like sites where it not only for hip hop, however every chaos you can cover. It creates generally recordings all things considered. It has recordings with respect to news, interviews, destroyed video of medications and cops and even some appraised channels called Candy shop! Some could be aggravating, help you in bouncing into them. Other than these, the substance connecting to the hip-jump world is genuinely secured. Meetings of specialists and their activities are finely shot. Tragically, this site doesn’t have a portable perfect variant, needs to see in work area form as it were.


An absolute necessity registration in case you’re scanning for hip-bounce news and that makes this website alternative to Worldstarhiphop. If you visit Worldstarhiphop once then you will feel the similarity of the UI is easy and simple. It’s even trailed by the giant of news such as the New York Times, CNN, and numerous different productions as a source. AllHipHop has subsidiary with Maven, a mastery stage to stay aware of its advanced substance.

4#. SOHH:

Sohh’s every page sets aside effort for stacking, which appears to be sensible for its substantial graphical pictures and does much provoking than its friend locales for buying in and consents. However, there are some features of hip hop that make SOHH similar to Worldstarhiphop. This is a great one in substance updates and network gatherings. If you are still looking for Worldstarhiphop alternatives then you should try SOHH in order to get the average satisfied website.

5#. Realniggashit:

Realniggashit is a Worldstarhiphop like websites because of the highlights everything hip hop with news, fashion, sports, and so forth, however, it does with the silly portion of terrible. Watch trick recordings and photos, chuckle at Lebron James jokes and big-name bloopers, and obviously, download and hear some out hip-bounce.


It is a standout amongst the best video website like Worldstarhiphop and has solid preferences from everywhere throughout the world. It covers the updates from a wide range beginning of music to the way of life and sports to another diversion. The site is genuinely available and has quick stacking time. Any video/news refreshed into the channel is promptly gotten up to speed by the world. That demonstrates its locale’s uptime.

Final Words:

We hope that you get the best alternative of Worldstarhiphop which can provide you the same feeling as you feel when you visit the Worldstarhiphop website. There is another website that main them is about hip hop where you can also get full satisfactory. In this case, if you have any suggestion related to this topic then share in the comment section. Your comment helps us to provide a more useful article publish for you in our information & knowledge related website.

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