4 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life

Technology has improved many aspects of our lives. Smartphones are a prime example of this as they have undoubtedly made our day-to-day lives more convenient. These powerful pocket gadgets can do everything — whether it is helping us navigate roads, or assisting with organisational tasks like scheduling.

Of course, smartphones aren’t the only innovations that have elevated our lives. From health trackers to security tools, there is a device for every need. So, below we’ve listed a few gadgets that will improve your daily life.

Smart Speakers

It’s easy to write off smart speakers as a mere novelty. However, this just isn’t the case. If you’ve read our article on the best digital assistant, then you know just how useful speakers can be.

With smart speakers, you can do a myriad of tasks — all without having to press a single button. Whether it’s menial tasks such as searching the internet for a particular recipe or more important responsibilities like scheduling a doctor’s appointment, smart speakers can do it all. What’s great about this is that smart speakers are often connected to your online accounts, allowing you to make changes to your schedule on the fly. The key here is convenience. While these changes may seem trivial, they all add up to create a better overall user experience. The Google Nest Mini is good for starters, due to its compact size and ability to seamlessly integrate with your Google accounts. At around £36, it’s also one of the more affordable smart speakers on the market.

Fitness Tracker

The rise of wearable technology has done a lot when it comes to improving people’s lives. In the past, wearables have even helped this visually-impaired runner compete in ultra-marathons. Other forms of wearable tech such as fitness trackers have also become quite popular, since they’re an efficient way to help consumers keep track of their health goals. All of this is made possible by innovations in rigid-flex PCB technology, which allows circuit boards to fit in smaller and unconventionally shaped devices. Now, advanced technology can merge seamlessly into wristwatches and bracelets.

And let’s not forget the other amazing benefits of fitness trackers, which aren’t reserved just for athletes and hardcore fitness enthusiasts. These gadgets can track the number of steps you take every day — a good, simple way to remind yourself to move now and then. Many fitness trackers also come with sleep monitoring, which can measure the amount of quality sleep you get every night and help you make a more conscious effort to rest. The Fitbit Charge 3 is a good entry-level fitness tracker, as it features a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and can even be used while swimming. One drawback is its lack of onboard GPS, which means you’ll have to connect it to your phone when you’re going on runs to better track your data.

Hardware-based Two-Factor Authentication

With how intertwined our online lives are with our actual lives, cybersecurity has become crucial in ensuring our data and other crucial information are protected. Hardware-based two-factor authentication is an effective way to approach it.

To put it simply, hardware-based two-factor authentication gives you an added layer of protection in the form of a two-factor security key. You use these keys via your computer’s USB port in order to access your data. These keys are effective due to the fact that cybercriminals won’t be able to access your data without physically stealing these keys from you. Considering that USB-C is starting to become more prevalent in devices, the YubiKey 5C NFC is a reliable option. It’s also flexible, as it works with a slew of different platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, and Outlook.

UV Lights

Lastly, portable UV lights have been invaluable due to the global pandemic. This is because UV lights provide an alternative for disinfecting objects and surfaces without the need for soap or other man-made sanitisers.

Best of all, certain UV light devices are designed to clean objects such as your phone — which can certainly harbour more bacteria than you’re aware. This way, you help minimise the risk of infection, not just from COVID but other diseases too. The ILiveUV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger comes highly recommended, especially since it’s made specifically for your phone. This can be very useful considering how often we touch our phones throughout the day, allowing it to harbour viruses and bacteria. The device also doubles as a charger, which makes it an ideal alternative to power banks.

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