What is about: blank page in Web Browser?

We do web browser to access any sites. Most of the time it gives good results, but sometimes it comes with “about:blank” in the URL address bar instead of the original URL you searched for. That occurs sometimes, don’t worry. It can be solved easily.

It is common to understand that about:blank indicates that your web browser has the blank page on it. If you think that it is not real, then you can open your web browser and type “about:blank” then press the “enter” key from the keyboard. There should be only colon in-between about and blank, nothing else should be typed. But the question remains the same “What is this page doing in your web browser?” So let’s find out what’s about:blank and how to get rid of it!

About:blank: Why my web browser has this page?

If we talk about a technical point of view, then the “about blank” page is a part of your web browser. It is about URL compound words formation named “Quasi-official, Quasi-definition, Quasi-scientific and quasi-monopoly.” Which resembling, virtual, or seeming the URL page. The main work of this rule is to handle internet command, which is implied by the browser choice. About:blank (about: [command]) is utilized to execute a specific capacity inside the browser program. The indication of this command towards the web browser is that the user is not interested in visiting the actual URL page but wants to do some internal thing (local).

You can see about:blank command in any web browser such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and even in Smartphone web browser application. This blank page is indicating about commands which may support entire browsers.

There are other commands, such as

about:about It shows more about the browser or list of commands.

About:plugins It shows the installed content about add-on and plug-in.

About:cache This command shows complete information about cache storage of your web browser.

What Is The Use of About:Blank?

For the first time, you will think that it is the useless feature on a web browser where you see just the blank page. But as we discuss above that, it is about command in the web browser, which is commonly used in web browsers. Opening another window and having the page load in a flash, as it is blank, can give you more opportunity to choose what you’re doing with it this time.

  • You can use about:blank as default home page of a web browser.
  • A blank landing page by means of about:blank is additionally useful in case you’re on low data transmission or pay-for-use association.
  • It spares an extraordinary time and frequently cash, in these circumstances, because a page that won’t be utilized isn’t stacked consequently, again and again, every time the program opens.

How to confirm about:blank is a malware or not?

If we talk about Malware, then it can break your web browser program and leave it in a broken or confounded state. It may be left in such a state after malware is evacuated. The way toward evacuating malware may make the program become confounded. Maybe it was showing a page given by the malware when evacuating, leaves the program nothing to indicate which makes you think that the outcome is about:blank.

So it is confirmed that about:blank page is not Malware or any threat which can harm your web browser and system. If you want to change the default home page of your web browser to about:blank page, then follow the below instruction.

How To Change Web Browser, Home Page, To about:blank

Note: We are using the Internet Explorer web browser to check that about:blank command works or not.

Step #1. Snap-on the rigging symbol in the upper right of Internet Explorer, and afterward click on Internet Options in the menu that outcome.

Step #2. The following Internet Options discourse will open to the “General” tab, which has a segment named “Home page.”

Step #3. You will see that your browser default home page has a URL.

Step #4. To transform it to “about:blank,” click in the “edit” box, and supplant it with “about:blank.”

Step #5. Now close the exchange box by click on the “OK” button and save the setting.

Step #6. Presently, click the Home button of the internet explorer web browser, which will show About:blank as the home page.

Presently your program will (rapidly) come back to about:blank at whatever point you click the Home catch and when you first open the program.

Final Words:

If you have any quest or queries related to about:blank page command then share it in the comment box. We will provide a suitable solution for you.

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