How To Activate American Express card 2021

Do you own Amex? Do you need to “Activate American Express card”? If yes, you are lucky to land here. An American Express card is an electronic payment card branded by the American Express Company.

It’s a Business/Corporate card that has credits up to some limits and you can use those credits and later pay them. Read the article below to get a full reference guide to Amex ad its activate procedure.

How do Amex Cards work?

Credit cards these days have solved the problem of messy payments and create an environment with hassle-free payments. Amex charge cards are confused with credit cards but they actually are charge cards. Let’s discuss whats the difference between the two.

Amex Credit card Offers you some credit, which you can use for various goods and services. You use the card whole month up to a certain limit and then you have to pay the bills at the end of each month. The interest will be applied if payments are not done on time.

Amex Charge cards have no pre-set limit. The charges are approved based on your expenditure pattern. These cards need a full balance of money spent on the card every month. Late Fees are incurred in case of no payments as well as partial payments.

How Do Credit Card Works?

  1. Complete a purchase. Offer your card for spending the bill. The shop owner will swipe your card and you have to enter a PIN.
  2. After this payment will be done from your credit card.
  3. Now you owe some bills from the banks and you have to pay it at the last of the month.

How to use Credit card Online?

  1. Add the items you want to buy in your card and click on proceed to buy.
  2. Select the mode of payment as a Credit card.
  3. Next Choose card option, Amex, MasterCard or VISA. Select the right option.
  4. Enter your 15-digit Card number and the name of the cardholder.
  5. Enter expiration date
  6. Enter CVV mentioned on the back of the card
  7. After entering all the details, click Proceed to buy or Submit. The bank will then send you an OTP.
  8. The moment you enter TOP, You will be navigated to a payment gateway and Your transaction is complete.
  9. Finally, you will get a message of the transaction on the registered number.

How to Activate the American Express Card?

You can activate your card either online or by calling customer care.

By Calling Customer Support

Call 1-800-362-6033 to confirm that your card is received and request for activation.

  1. Call the number
  2. You will be connected to Customer care representative
  3. Tell them all the required details like card number and some security questions.
  4. They will activate your card online then.

By Online Procedure

Follow the steps below to activate your card online.

  1. Go to the Official Amex Portal.
  2. Enter your card number and card ID mentioned on the card you have received.
  3. Set up your card by entering the necessary details.
  4. And you are Done!

By, the above share procedures you can easily “Activate American Express card”.

How to Register Your Online Account?

American Express provides 24/7 online access to your Corporate Card account information. Card Members can easily view accounts, pay bills, submit expense reports, set up and receive account alerts via email or text message* and dispute charges. The card members must be enrolled and Please note that the data charges may be applicable.

How to Set PIN?

In case you have forgotten your PIN then follow the steps below to set ner pin.

  • Go to the online website.
  • Enter the User ID and Password.
  • This will open your account.
  • Click on Change PIN.
  • Go through the security procedure.
  • And from there you set a new PIN.

Final Verdict

This is all about how to “Activate American Express card”. Amex cards are very useful especially when you have to do a lot of transactions online every day. I hope you would like the article ad find it helpful as well.

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