Best Websites Like Afdah Movies to Watch Free Movies

If you are very very fond of watching movies then it must be afdah Movies platform. The old days have gone now when you wait for a movie to release on Television, now is the era of Online Streaming. Watch movies according to your needs and demands. Millions of people around the world have already stepped into the world of online streaming.

Thousands of platforms offer to watch online movies and shows, some of them are paid whereas some offer entertainment without any cost. Examples of best paid ‘s are Netflix, Prime Video, HULU, HBO Now, etc. Some examples of free ones are popcornflix, 123movies, Go movies, etc and afdah is one of them. It is not a good idea to rely on one movie platform only, because the site may go down sometimes. Scroll down to know the best sites like afdah movies to watch free movies.

Afdah in brief…

Afdah movies and Tv shows is a fantastic website to watch movies online. Afdah is a web scraper coded to crawl and index online movie sites. Afdah does not upload any videos, it just indexes them.

The original afdah was but now it is It is actually a group of domains like afdah.TV,, etc.

Now coming to the interface, I would say that its interface is simple, user-friendly, sleek, clean, and easy to navigate.

First of all, you can directly search for movies by entering the movie/show name in the search bar. Then in the top menu bar, movies are arranged according to the genre. Then movies are arranged under the chronological bar. Along with all these recent featured films, recent HD movies, etc. Apart from all this, there’s a very clearly categorized movie by year, by countries, by language, etc. Refer to the image below and have a look at how afdah looks like.

What does Afdah provide?

Afdah movies are huge. With thousands of movies, afdah is providing access to big data to its users. Afdah contains all kinds of movies that includes Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, music, Horror, fantasy, Romane, Sci-fi, etc. This is one view of what kind of content afdah provides to users.

Afdah movies and Tv shows the app is also available for android and iOS devices which brings different ease for the user to watch movies on their handy device ubiquitously.

Is afdah not working now?

The original afdah was but now it is

When you go to you will get an error message like “phishing detected”. This is the reason people around the world are thinking that afdah is infected with some virus. And it may be true! This kind of virus may steal important information and passwords from your device. Also, some people are saying there’s no virus and it is safe to surf afdah.

The site indexes movies from all over the Web and many of these movies are being hosted illegally on other sites. Watching these movies falls into a legal gray area, according to FindLaw.

What is the solution to legality?

If you used to watch free stuff online or play games or surf websites that are not safe, then you must use a VPN to keep yourself safe. VPN hides your original IP and allows you to surf the internet through a public domain. Buy VPN one time and then access anything on the web and stay safe from legal issues.

Moreover, Afdah movies is Good but look at its alternatives below, visit them, and analyze how those sites work.

Best Websites like Afdah movies to watch free movies

The Internet is a huge pool of free movie websites. You have generally picked one and gone with it but it’s always better to know what are the other sites that may provide you the same things or more than it. Below is the list of platforms that are similar to Afdah movies and TV shows.

1) Yes! movies

Yes! Movies are the best platform to watch movies. It allows the user to search for a movie easily and then enjoy it. It is just like afdah movies, sleek and intuitive interface.

Yes! movie is a place of thousands of movies with different genres. You can stream movies in Hd or even download it in HD.

Each movie is available with a short summary, trailer, and some stats like director, Country, genre, actor, duration, release year, and IMDb rating. You would gain complete movie information along with watching the movies, this makes Yes moves unique.

2) 123 movies

The best alternative to Afdah movies is 123movies. 123 movies when originated come with a different domain but now it has a lot of domain/mirror sites. It is a collection of 12 different domains. Some may work at one time, and some may not work.

123 movies are fully free to use.

Get all the new releases movies here without any hassle just on a single click. With an extensive library and HD videos, the sites are all different. Some say 12 movies is safe to use and some say it’s not! Whatever if you are using a VPN everything is safe!

3) Los movies

A big movie list and genre make Los movies unique. Its interface is just like afdah movies. You can choose a movie directly, or pick the alphabet and go or from categories. Los movies have a copyright issue and are blocked by some countries. Use a VPN and no one knows then which country you are from and you have access to Los movies.

Los movies have innovative UI and thoroughly arranged genres. The only drawback is too many advertisements on the site.

4) Bob movies

Bob movies have a great collection of old and new movies and shows. It’s safe and easy to use. It’s a growing library of old and new movies altogether. The videos quality site provides is great, watch HD movies here. The site is completely free to use and does not require any rating.

If I talk about its interface then its interface is very crowded and not attractive. A lot of ads on the website may ruin user experience but if these things don’t matter for you then Bob movies are great.

5) F movies

After a confusing interface, now we are up to Fmovies whose user interface is so light and appealing. A user who comes here can not go without making a search at least. Things are properly categorized and look at movies according to country, language, genre, etc. Top IMDb rating movies are separately categorized, so if you haven’t made your mind which movie to watch go to the top Imdb section.

The biggest advantage of this interface is its UI.

6) Solar movies

Watching movies is the most common thing over the internet. It’s a free website to watch movies and shows. Solar movies have a sleek and intrusive UI interface where a user can easily go and navigate through the website.

This is one of the best alternatives to afdah movies. Solar movies allow users to download HD movies as well. Select your favorite movie genre , action, musical, sci-fi, mystery, horror etc. and enjoy watching movies. It is a good alternative to afdah movies.

7) Look movie

Look movie is another similar platform to afdah movies. Beautifully designed platform and well categorized content is really appealing. The description of each movie with other information like year of release, rating, genre, and duration is very clearly described on the platform.

No login required, play a movie and enjoy!

Final Verdict

Hey movie lovers, I hope you would like the article. Afdah movies are undoubtedly a great platform to watch movies and shows but it’s in our hands to be safe using a VPN. Watching movies online is a trend today, paid or free is all your choice.

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Take care. Happy watching!

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