What is Mangago? Everything You Need To Know

Are you someone who loves to read Manga, the popular Japanese comics? If so, you have come across mangago.me site. Most of them love to read Manga series some of them get addicted to it. It is a well-known fact that not everyone can afford to buy books to read Japanese comics. This is where the importance of Mangago website comes into existence. Mangago is an illegal website that offers users almost all the new editions of Japanese comics available on their website for free. It is a popular reading website specially designed for comic lovers who cannot afford to purchase comics online. Let us quickly dive into the topic to know more about Mangago.

About Mangago

Mangago is a website that offers users screenshots of Japanese comics, PDF of comic stories, CBR files, scanned uploads of Manga comics, and much more. A person who loves to read Manga can make use of this website without having to spend a single penny out of their pocket. This website offers the latest version of new additions to all the Manga series that are being released.

The website offers users different types of genres from fantasy stories to Romance comics. The website offers users interesting stories and comics that are available for free without having to spend money. Since it is an illegal website, it is necessary to protect your device from viruses and hackers. Mangago website is all about reading your favourite Japanese stories online without having to spend money. But it is important to know that this is a pirated website. As per the law, it is illegal to read books from a pirated website.

Does the website have a proper license?

The website is not licensed and it is a well-known fact that you won’t get licensed work for free. The website as such is pirated. As per the law in any country reading books from a website that does not have a license is considered to be an illegal act. If you are not ready to read comics by paying for them, then you can make use of the Mangago website.

Anime piracy in The United States of America, India, and many other countries is considered to be illegal. Manga website has been banned by the government of India this website and is popularly known for its latest comic leaks and anime.

Popular genres of Mangago

Mangago is considered to be a non-profit website that is a popular reading website. You will be able to get access to almost all the latest Manga comics here. Manga is popular Japanese comics read by people all around the world and not just in Japan. The homepage of the website displays the available genres. The website has almost all types of genres which include

  • Psychological
  • Thriller
  • Historical stories
  • Action
  • Supernatural
  • Comedy Series
  • Sports
  • Mystery stories
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Tragedy
  • Horror

What is the punishment mentioned by the law if a user uses the Mangago website?

According to the government, if a person is found accessing the pirated Mangago website, then the user will be sent to jail for a period of six months which can extend up to 3 years. Any penalty would be to be paid by the user which amounts from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 200000.

Alternatives to Mangago website

It is always better to choose a website that is legal to read your favourite comics even though it means spending money from your pocket. It is a known fact that Mangago is an illegal website. Here are some of the legal alternatives given in this article that you can take into consideration to read your favourite comics. But if you choose to read your favourite comics on a pirated website, here are some of the similar websites mentioned in this article. There are times when the mangago website might show errors. It is quite common for an illegal website to undergo such issues. In such scenarios, you can try similar alternative websites that are given below:

  • Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot is also an illegal website that is quite similar to that of Mangago. This website features, most of the latest Manga comics.  It is considered to be one of the most popular websites that have a user-friendly interface.

  • Mangairo

Mangiro is yet another popular website that can be used by readers to get access to a large collection of Japanese Manga stories. The website offers an amazing layout to the users and is user-friendly.

Some of the legal alternative websites to read Manga stories are given below:

  • Manga Plus – Shueisha

Manga plus by Shueisha is a well-known website that offers readers various genres of Manga series that is managed by a popular Japanese magazine. It is a legal website to read Japanese Manga and the users will have to purchase the comics to read them.

  • ComiXology by Amazon

ComiXology buys Amazon is a digital cloud-based platform that can be used by the user to read comic books on their Android, iOS, Kindle, and so on. The website offers Japanese Manga and American comics to the users. It is highly recommended for readers who love the Manga series.

Features of Mangago website

We all know the fact that the Mangago website is prohibited and is not licensed but still, it is one of the largest in which comics can be downloaded for free. Some so many visitors regularly use this website for reading. The website offers amazing features and some of the notable features are as follows:

  • High definition format

The website offers the user with high-quality comic books in just a few weeks of the release. The latest comic series are available on the Mangago website in HD format. The use of will gets to enjoy quality main without having to pay a single penny from their bank account. The website is known for offering high format reading experience to the users.

  • Custom titles

The website offers users to choose custom titles. The customisation option offers the user to search for the genre that interests him. Is in demand from the use of the internet for free service has made websites like Mangago a huge success.

  • Multi-Lingual
  • Mangago not only offers Japanese comics but also English anime online. The website has a wide collection of free Japanese comics in Tollywood, English, and Hindi downloads of high-definition anime. This is indeed good news to anime lovers who can get access to the content free of cost. The website offers pirated versions of the comics in English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and much more.
  • Multitude of series

Mango offers a multitude of series which allow the user to watch TV shows and also stream anime online for free of cost. The website not only offers to users various genres of comic books, but also streams TV shows. The website can be accessed at the user’s comfort. Anomie provides a user an opportunity to experience and have fun help of the Mangago website.

  • Autoplay feature

The autoplay option available on the website allows the user to stream the Anime smoothly without any disturbances. The user will have a very good experience watching their favourite TV shows and anime on the Mangago website. The home page of the website offers the latest leaks and popular comic series that can be accessed free of cost.

In a nutshell, the Mangago website offers a wide variety of Japanese comics, TV shows, and anime. It is important to safeguard your devices while using the Mangago website as it is an illegal website. It is always recommended to make use of legal platforms for safety and security.


This article does not aim to promote pirated websites, but gives a general overview of the working of the Mangago website. It is always recommended to use legal platforms to watch TV shows, read comics, and stream anime.


What is the procedure to block advertisements on the Mangago website?

The user can install an ad blocker anime downloader that is available on the Mangago website to stop ads. In case you are unable to install the advertisement blocker on your website, you can click on the close ads option to avoid ads.

Is it safe to download from the Mangago website?

It is a known fact that the Mangago website is illegal and it cannot be guaranteed that downloading contents from Mangago is a safe source.

Does the website offer new releases regularly?

Mangago updates the website regularly and it’s known for its high definition quality and format. Anime links are uploaded on the website frequently.

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