10 Best Alternative app for UC Browser 2021

Due to and after globalization, there occurred a mixing of ideas from across the globe. This included an exchange of ideas from various aspects of life. We are all quite acquainted with the idea of smartphones and the applications that come with them. The mixture of ideas from worldwide has become so homogeneous over the past few years that we never really bothered about the origin of the applications as long as they serve our purpose. So when due to understandable reasons, the Indian government banned certain Chinese apps, it came as a shock to many. One of those apps was UC Browser.

The Indian government has recently banned many Chinese apps, including UC Browser and 50 eight others. This initially caused a bit of unrest as we were so used to handling the apps. For instance, the one we’re talking about, UC Browser was one of the most easily usable and accessible browsers. It was one of the most used browsers in India. The main reason behind the ban of the browser is that it was suspected of collecting and then transmitting the information of various users to networks that had their bases outside of India. So to preserve the security of its citizens, the government then banned the browser, along with many other Chinese apps.

But one will have to agree that many of the apps that were banned were indeed very important and useful for our daily use. Time and tide will wait for none. There is no way that our daily lives will be stagnant due to the absence of some apps that we were so used to. We are here to show you some of the best alternatives that you could use in place of UC Browser.

So then, just scroll along and take a look at what the write up has to offer to you!

What is the UC browser?

Before moving further, let’s take a look at what exactly the UC Browser is.

It was developed by the UC web, which is a Chinese web company as a mobile web browser. Currently, it is one of the top browsers of Indonesia, India, and China. However, the app being banned in India you cannot download or install it anymore. Initiative. Even if the app was already present on your mobile phone, you can no longer use it. The application is available for Android users as well as iOS users. It was first launched in the year 2004. Due to the small size of the application, it can easily be downloaded even if your phone is running low on space. UC browser was filled with features such as multi-file format downloading and cloud acceleration. It was also known for its speed of downloading stuff. However, recently there arose some disputes regarding its leaking its user’s information. The app was hence banned.

Why was the UC Browser banned?

UC browser is one of the top used browsers worldwide in many countries including India. 

Recently, however, it was banned in our country. The reason behind the ban is that the UC Browser was suspected to have been collecting information of its users and then transmitting it to sources outside India. It hence became necessary for the Indian government to ban the app. The government banned 58 other apps, including the UC browser that were of Chinese origin.

This came as a bit of shock initially as these apps had become integral parts of lives for many. The government is quite a short time came up with Indian versions of all of those 59 apps. Here we are going to take a look at some of those alternatives that were proposed in place of the UC browser.

10 best alternatives to UC browser:

If you’re looking for some of the best alternatives for UC browser in India, then you could not have been in a better place. Yeah, we have enlisted some of the best alternatives that you could use. To replace you see browser in your phone. The list includes some Indian alternatives as well. The Indian Web browsers that are listed below are not only effective enough, but helping them will also encourage the Indian app developers. Then now take a look at the list given below:

  1. Firefox

Firefox is one of the oldest serving browsers in the history of browsers. The best part of using Firefox is that your information is safer with them than it could Ever have been even under Your jurisdiction. The browser blocks the use of cookies by many websites and even blocks many sites from letting them know and track your position. This automatically in turn reduces data consumption and increases the speed of the Internet. Another amazing fact about Firefox is that it is available and easily usable on and for every platform. For instance, Firefox is great for desktops. It works on your Android phones as well as it does on some PCs.

  1. Opera

Another long-lasting web browser is opera. It has been giving its consistent service with users ever since. It was first introduced in the market. The best part about using opera is that it is available for both Android and iOS systems. For Android, we have opera mini, opera beta, and opera mini beta. All of these three apps belong to the browser itself. The browser lets you have access to different and various kinds of information. The opera browser used for the iOS system is equally good, Even though it does not have opera Mini, Opera Beta, and opera mini beta under its system. What matters is the ever-evolving. Service of the browser. The browser never gets stagnant. In some way or the other, it is bettering itself.

  1. Chrome

Chrome needs little or no introduction at all. Starting from the morning until we go back to sleep, Chrome serves as an integral part of our lives. It is known for its speed. The browser lets you download videos and songs, listen to them offline. Also lets you download pages from sites and then go through them in your free time. Also, before sending your data, it compresses them. This helps to reduce the amount of data consumed and increases the speed as well. All you need to do is log in with your Google account. However, the information here is often leaked with the excuse of providing you with a better feed. The browser works well on desktops as well as other systems too.

  1. Dolphin

It is sometimes described as a strange little browser. Browser is made keeping the touch screen Mobile in mind especially. This means that the browser cannot be supported on devices such as your desktop. Back with smartphones with the newest craze, this was one of the few very browsers that were so well built at that point. The fact that it is built while keeping smartphones in mind, ensures that it has multiple other salient features too, such as voice search and custom gestures that will predict your texts much easier and help you open web sites faster. This browser initially had a lot of fame, but has now reached a slump while it still is focused on fishing ways to give only the best service to the users.

  1. Jio browser

The QR scanner that the browser provides its users with faster access to links. Like many other browsers, Jio Browser too has the voice search option. You can search on your relevant topic just by speaking it aloud to your phone and not even have to type it out. It is an app that originated in India itself. Though it can be a bit forceful with unnecessary contents and ads, it still has some great stuff to offer such as live sports matches and many more.

  1. Bharat browser

As the name suggests, the Bharat browser is a browser of Indian origin. By far it is India’s most popular web browser. The browser was developed by some Bengaluru based company. The best part of it is the reach that the browser has due to its usage in 9 different languages. It has a search bar and provides you with regular updates in news about the environment around you. The browser also has a preset up space with downloaded videos and music and movies for children.

  1. Indian browser

Another Indian browser that you can use as an alternative for the UC browser is Indian Browser. It has an option to block images that lets you surf the internet much easier and faster. The browser has a total of 10 search engines and this makes searching way easier for you. If you were searching for an alternative that was purely Indian in origin, then here, you got it!

  1. Omigo

Another marvelous creation by India, Omigo has much to offer to you. The browser has a voice search option and more importantly has an ad blocker. We all know how annoying an ad can be while browsing and Omigo get done with it for good. Once you exit the app, your browsing history is too deleted. The browser keeps you updated with the latest news and videos and hence keeps you informed. It is all in all a great UC browser alternative Indian app.

  1. Epic privacy browser 

Firefox sure helps you keep your information safe. But it is not the only one! Epic privacy browser developed in one of the Southern states of India is also a great browser that has your back in these matters. It has features such as fingerprint lock to keep your information safe and intact. It also has an incognito mode that is set by default on the browser along with an Ad Blocking mode also available.

  • Edge

It is a pity that even though the browser hails from a high tech company it has to take a back seat due to the slight relations of it with the internet explorer. The experience of using it with Bing is much better than Google. Some of the more features that are stored in this browser consist of immediate search results and news videos and so on. It has good control over its security systems. A demerit of Edge is however that it demands a lot of data usage. Apart from that, the browser is gold to go.

Along with the Declaration of the ban, the Indian government had a backup of several apps of Indian origin as alternatives for UC Browser as well. Some of the apps that are to be mentioned  here are better than UC Browser in many ways.


Why is the UC Browser banned?

Many Chinese apps are now being suspected to have been using the user’s data and transmitting them elsewhere. They were believed to be transmitting this data to bases that were outside India. The UC Browser is one such app. This is why the UC browser along with 58 other apps is now banned.

Can I still use the application if it was already installed on my phone? 

Even if the application was already downloaded and installed on her phone, you will not be able to use it now. Internet connection to the applications that are banned is blocked and hence the updates will not be able to reach you. You can still, however, have the app on your phone, but it will do you little good.

Can any of the apps mentioned in the list Be banned? 

The alternative apps that are mentioned in the list cannot be banned shortly. All of them have their origins either in India or in the United States of America or elsewhere. They can get banned shortly.

Are the alternatives that are mentioned in the list free?

Yes, most of the applications can be downloaded and installed From Google play store. They are easy and free to download and access.

Which are some of the best Indian alternative of UC browser?

In the list given above, some applications are Indian originated as well. Some of the Indian alternatives that you could use instead of UC Browser are Jio Browser, Bharat Browser, Indian browser, and so on. They are similar Indian apps like UC browser.

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