Parallel Space is not working India: Here are some Alternatives You can try Now

Do you want to run multiple instances of an application simultaneously? Addicted to parallel space but now it’s not accessible in India? So, are you searching for its alternatives? If yes, you are lucky to land here. Today I am going to share some Parallel space alternatives.

Parallel space is an application that permits you to run different instances of the same app on your Android smartphone. This can be beneficial if you want to use two accounts for one app on a single device. This sounds like cloning! Cloning of an application and then run multiple instances concurrently.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is a huge application and a boon for users who want to use the same application. For example, if you want to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone then you can use Parallelspace for the same purpose but mandatory is your phone should support Dual-SIM technology. There are so many reasons to use an app like a parallel space on your phone.

Parallel Space has banned in India now but people have already migrated to other alternatives before. The reason behind the same is “Huge battery drainage”.

Parallel Space Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives to parallel Space but I am going to share a few here, the best ones.

1) Dual Space

Dual Space is a great alternative to Parallel space that Keeps multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously. It is exclusively designed for WhatsApp cloning. WhatsApp faces crashing issue with many cloning apps but not with Dual Space.

It keeps your personal accounts and works accounts both online simultaneously, and you can balance life and work easily. All social accounts are supported by Dual Space. Not only social media apps but games are also cloned using this app.


  • The app is easy to use.
  • App cloning can be done without any hassle. Switching is easy.
  • Its User Interface is very simple.
  • Clone games as well.


  • For a 64-bit application, additional support has to be installed.
  • No security for the Dual space.
  • Though you can clone most of the available apps, some of them might not work properly.

2) Dual apps

Dual Apps is a very popular app that is used for Cloning the application but only limited apps. It does not install more applications in your device so that your device running smoothly. It provides privacy without leaving any traces behind. To ensure privacy, it makes your account hidden. Keep multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously.

It makes your personal account to work both online and offline without the interference of two cloning apps. Two accounts can be online at the same time, easy switching between accounts and accounts can be easily managed independently.


  • Easy to use GUI
  • multilinguality
  • Various Notification settings you can add
  • Hide cloned apps, No interference of two clones with each other running parallely.
  • More privacy.


  • Speed could be one of the issues yo may face with Dual apps

3) DO multiple Accounts

DO multiple accounts is a great app for cloning and has a pretty good rating as well. It is one of the best alternatives to parallel space in terms of speed and multiplicity. It helps you to customize notification settings of the cloned app. A separate privacy locker function is available to manage cloned apps.

Compatible with most instant message apps, game apps and social networking apps like facebook Twitter and others Google Play Service are supported. Along with connecting apps, games apps can also be cloned to play parallely and have more fun.


  • Light-weight app
  • Powerful and less memory consumption
  • Fast switching between apps
  • Lite Mode for best power and memory efficiency

4) Clone App

This is the incredible cloning app known as Clone App. It provides additional features to the cloned application like Whatsapp. You can clone highly used app WhatsApp, and enjoy colorful WhatsApp skins, Magic WhatsApp Stickers, FREE VPN, dual app, parallel space in Clone App. With more than 5,000,000+ user base, the app has some great features to bind the users. One of the biggest advantages of the app is NO ADS!


  • Magical stickers and colorful cloned apps provide a good user experience.
  • Support both 32 bit and 64 bit apps.
  • Balance work and life.

5) Island

Island is also a good app to clone applications. Island can help in isolating apps for privacy protection. It can clone many apps at the same time for parallel running.  Wanna get rid of fast battery drainage , island can help you! It Freezes app to completely block its background behaviors and also hide apps. VPN usage is good. You can use VPN on one side or different VPNs on both sides.

Before you go…

The following offer their own versions of app cloning feature:

  • OnePlus (Parallel Apps)
  • Xiaomi (Dual Apps)
  • Realme (Clone Apps)
  • Vivo (App Clone)
  • Samsung (Dual Messenger)

So, You can try it out before trying a third-party app. Launch the Settings app, search for the feature by name and continue.

Final verdict

Well friends, how do you like the article? There is always a disadvantage of cloning apps and that is “Faster Battery Drainage”. Mention in comments if you know any other apps, it would really be great.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback.

Thank you!

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