Best Alternatives To UC News App 2021

Are you searching for the best alternatives to the UC News app? As we all know UC news app has banned in India, so if you have a habit of reading news from it, you might be looking for its alternatives. Reading news is a habit and people are often addicted to certain types of platforms to read the news. Even if you use a newspaper, you preferably use only one newspaper to read the news. This is because we get addicted to certain types of news format, words, and language. Go through the article below and find out the Best alternative to the UC News App.

UC News is one of the most widespread news apps in India with more than 50 million users. The UC news app allows users to read the latest news in 15 regional languages. Up-to-date international and National news is available on the UC news app. UC news app is not only one-sided like users can write along with reading news. You can also add their websites to the UC news app, though there is a complete procedure for that. Whatever! Now the app is banned as it is one of the 59 red-flagged Chinese apps that caused security threats.

Best Alternatives To UC News App 2021

UC news operations have shattered down. So, Forget about UC news and continue reading to know similar sites like UC News. These alternatives will blow your mind.

1) Daily hunt

Daily Hunt is a very nice alternative to the UC news app. It is indeed an Indian alternative developed by Verse Innovation, Bengaluru. You can get all the latest news and videos here. It contains world news, entertainment, cricket updates, horoscope, weather, etc.

The intuitive GUI and well-categorized things can help you find news easily. The news here is accessible in multiple languages(Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, English, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, and more) and it comprises 5 countries India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa, and Sri Lanka. You can set a primary as well as a secondary language to read the news conveniently.

 It also has a built-in dark mode to reduce eye stress in the night time. Give it a try to find out the best. Top news from Deccan Herald and The Statesman is available here. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

2) Jio News

Jio news is a well-organized platfrom that gives you information about all local and international news. The news about Cricket, Business, national, and entertainment as well. The app is available in 13 different languages.

You get the recent news headline on the top and then click on full coverage to read the full news. You can read direct news from 29 different newspapers including Hindustan Times and Business Standard.

Log in to the platform to set your preferred languages and more settings.

3) Inshorts

If you are always in hurry-up and do not have time to read full news then you can go for Inshorts. Inshorts provide news in 60 words only that gives you a brief idea about the news.

The app is available for Android and IOS.

Inshorts has an AI-based intuitive engine that understands what you like reading and delivers more of that in a single feed. In your ‘My Feed’, everything you read is everything you need.

Moreover, explore an array of news categories all-in-one place. Inshorts pick articles from all the sources you love to read from and present that in a 60-words story. If you love to read more, you can!


NDTV is a very famous channel and it has an online platform to read the news as well, both websites and apps are available. You can see LIVE TV on the platform and read out all the latest news on a single click. All the latest articles are available on the platform about fashion icons, science, technology, etc.

The GUI is a little messy but contains a lot of reading stuff. So if you love reading on the go, you can try for NDTV once.

5) The Hindu

The Hindu is not a new name and is very well know from the past century. So, if you Want to go for a traditional newspaper to read properly formatted news? The HINDU is the option. It gives access to the credible and in-depth media of India’s National English Newspaper as a rich digital experience. Both online and offline modes are available.

It helps you to be updated about various domains such as politics, business, cricket, football, Bollywood, science, technology, environment, art, literature, and more. Mark articles as read later to access them easily when you want to read.

The expert editorial section is open to read informative articles.

With, the Hindu, you can get a personalized Home screen for Local news as in the newspapers. The most prominent feature of the Hindu is the engagement of readers through comments. The dark mode is available to reduce eye strain.

Final verdict

So, readers! These are some best alternatives to the UC news app and I hope you like it.

Choose a one, and why one, go through all one-by-one and pick best for you.

Pick the one you enjoy reading from!

Share your feedback on which platforms suit best to you and why?

Thank you for reading!

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