Best Apps Like CM Browser To use on Android and iOS

Are you searching for the best apps like CM Browser? If yes, you are lucky to land here.

Recently, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps, out of which CM Browser is the one.

People are generally very used to apps and the sudden ban is shocking news for them. Though those apps have very good alternatives, people just need to Know. Today I am going to share various alternatives to the CM browser. Scroll down to Know more.

CM Browser is a powerful Web browser developed by KS Mobile. KS mobile also developed apps like CM Security and Clean Master and thus Security is one of the most dominant points with the CM browser app. The CM browser app is very light weighted, hence consume less memory space of 2 MB.

Amazing CM browser features include

  • the opportunity to change the default search tools
  • Customize the browser’s fonts
  • Personalize Bookmarks
  • Searches possible malware in any APK that you try to download through the browser.
  • Browsing speed acceleration
  • Preload mechanism to speed up browsing
  • Fraud prevention
  • It Warns against false or malicious websites.
  • Malicious download protection
  • Supports user agent switching to access desktop sites
  • Speed dial
  • Security & Privacy
  • Do-not-track settings
  • Option to keep history, cookies, and passwords saved
  • Page Translator
  • Text search
  • Gesture control for video playing
  • Card tabs for multi-tab control
  • Search engine switch

7 Best Apps Like CM Browser to use on Android and iOS

Google chrome

  • A fast, and easy to use web browser is Google Chrome.
  • Billions of users around the world use this single web browser.
  • Exciting features that enable outstanding user experience of users.
  • Secure and Speedy browsing.
  • Its amazing features include personalized news articles, downloads history, direct google search bar, quick links to some of your favorite sites, built-in google translator, and much more.
  • Personalized search results and thus less typing and fast browsing.
  • Go incognito for secure browsing.
  • It Sync chrome across devices

Mozilla Firefox

  • Mozilla Firefox or simple Firefox is a free and open-source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite.
  • The app is highly extensible
  • Thousands of third-party add-ons available on the browser.
  • The recent release, Firefox version 60+ is twice as fast, allows parallelism, and has a more natural user interface.
  • Quantum is faster than Google Chrome and consumes less memory space.

Opera Mini

  • Opera Mini is a firm, reliable, and fastest web browser.
  • It allows the users to save their data limit for free.
  • This web browser uses Opera servers to compress websites so that websites can be loaded at a faster rate.


  • A new app that makes your web browsing easy and fun-filled.
  • Its amazing features secure browsing without the interference of third-party apps, switch between tabs, allow more screen space, hide title bar, hide tab bar, and auto-hide address bar as well.
  • Its other exciting features include share your browsing stuff via Facebook, E-mail, and Twitter, real advanced support, download and upload files to the Dropbox, high privacy support, highlight search, bookmark manager, and more.


  • Trusted by more than 700,000,000 users from all over the world, Maxthon is a powerful web browser.
  • Super-fast app
  • It is having dual rendering engines that permitted you to move freely throughout the web page.
  • The app does not contain ads ad thus super-clean. It kills floating windows, pop-up notifications, and banners that annoys and bothers you.
  • Enjoy free browsing without ay disruption using the Maxthon browser app.


  • Fastest Web Browser in India.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Enjoy surfing unlimited number of sites simultaneously.
  • High speed and fast web browser.
  • Tabbed internet browsing, saving data, a robust incognito mode for making your data secure and private from parodying eyes, quick start time, homepage support, and much more are some amazing features of ibrowser.
  • Using ibrowser, you can easily read out books, documents, and news.
  • It also supports Bookmarking, History options, Full-screen mode, quick Search bar, small Footprint, super easy and intuitive Sharing, Night mode, and some Advanced settings for a better experience.


  • Dolphin Browser is one of the best web browsers available for iOS and Android devices.
  • SONAR, which enables you to use your voice to find the Internet, bookmark websites, and also manages your social networks.
  • Finger Swipes for accessing various web pages. So, you can associate drawing a “U” on-screen to access Up to down or draw a “G” to start Google.
  • Dolphin browser has 60 unique add-ons available that lets you add unique features to it.
  • Easy-to-use browser
  • Optimum speed
  • Good display

Final Thoughts

Well, readers, these are some best apps like CM browsers.

A Good browser can make your day! A fast browser will solve your query in lesser time. So pick up one browser that suits best to you!

I hope you would like this article and move forward to these best CM browser alternatives.

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