Best Apps Like Newsdog To use on Android and iOS

Reading news is very necessary and people become addicted to a certain type of newspaper or news portal as well. If you were addicted to newsdog then it could be quiet difficult for you to adapt any other platform but trust me It’s not impossible.

There are many platforms better than Newsdog. Scroll down to Know more!

NewsDog is a vast platform that grabs news from around the world for you. It covers all the latest news from around 680+ cities across India in different categories like politics, cricket, tech, business, etc. This small app promotes local news in over 10 languages. Thanks to its adaptive technology, this app will run smoothly in all networks. It is available for Android and iOS. With more than 50 million installs, it provides Up to date information on the latest Citizenship Amendment Act with the personalized news feed.

Why looking for NewsDog Alternative?

NewsDog is banned in India!

At the end of June month, shocking news waved off the internet that India has banned 59 Chinese apps. And Yes, this is true!

Due to security concerns, India has banned many Chinese apps including TikTok, UC Browser, WeChat, and newsDog. Not only these 59, in the near future maybe 47 more apps would get banned. It has been said that these apps are retrieving user data without their permission and that’s a real concern!

So, here is the list of alternatives to NewsDog.

List of Best apps like NewsDog

NEWS portals connect you to the world. There are many apps like NewsDog. Below is the complete list:

1) Google news

Google is the most renowned name in the world and Google News is another news aggregator app. Timely and categorized news gives the user an amazing experience. Every piece of news is from trusted sources and many are directly from reporters. So you can easily trust the platfrom.

Google news has millions of downloads around the world and has a very good rating. The full coverage feature gives information about how news is retrieved from different sources. The Headlines tab offers an unfiltered view of top news articles from around the world.  The Newsstand tab makes it simple to find and follow the sources that you trust, as well as browse and find new ones. You can also access more than 1,000 magazine titles in a mobile-optimized reading format. Find your favorite news sources on Cricket, Bollywood, and Politics altogether.

2) In Shorts

Always in hurry up? Do not have time to read full news articles? Go to In Shorts then!

Inshorts is an amazing news app that provides you news only in 60 words. It gives you a brief idea about the news. This keeps you updated in lesser time.

Inshorts gained a lot of achievements:

  • Google – Best apps of 2015!
  • TOI – Made for India to simplify your life!
  • Buzzfeed – Makes Indian student’s life easier!

Its search option lets you find old, new, short news very easily. The news is available here in English as well as Hindi. All paraphrased stories contain only headlines and facts but no opinions, to keep you stay informed of the current affairs. In Shorts, the app is available for Android and iOS.

3) Daily Hunt

Daily Hunt is an Indian app for the latest news and videos. Very well categorized, you can browse the news by topics as well. The news here is available in multiple languages and it covers 5 countries India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa, and Sri Lanka. You can set a primary as well as a secondary language to read the news more comfortably.

You can also browse the news in the newspaper category. Top newspapers are included such as Deccan Herald and The Statesman.

Its app is available for Android and iOS phones.

4) The Hindu

Want to go for a classic newspaper to read news properly formatted news? The HINDU! Is the option. It gives access to the credible and in-depth media of India’s National English Newspaper as a rich digital experience.

It keeps you updated about updates on politics, business, cricket, football, Bollywood, science, technology, environment, art, literature, and more. Also, the expert editorial section is available for incredible articles.

Its key features are:

  1. Get Personalized Home Screen for Local News
  2. You can Mark Articles as “Read Later” and read whenever free.
  3. You can also Engage with Tales by Commenting
  4. An Offline mode to read News Offline
  5. The most prominent feature is the app read aloud news for you.
  6. Night Mode is available to read the news in dim light.

Final Words

Well, Readers, this is all about alternatives to NewsDog. I hope you would like it.

More options include Times of India, The Guardian, BBC News, and Financial Times.

Pick an option and start reading news. I MA sure you would love reading.

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Thank you!

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