BMW i7 EV gets custom sounds from Hans Zimmer

BMW has announced that its new luxury electric vehicle,  the BMW i7  will come with a range of custom sounds that have been developed with Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer.

The BMW i7 was announced recently as part of the company’s new 7 Series range and it is their first high end luxury electric vehicle.

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The new, all-electric BMW i7 (energy consumption combined according to WLTP: 19.6–18.4 kWh/100 km; energy consumption combined according to NEDC: –; CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) heralds a new era for the brand’s quintessential driving pleasure and exclusive travel comfort. It embodies the innovative form of individual mobility in the luxury segment and also expresses this through the creation of holistic sound worlds. These range from the welcome scenario to the ready-to-drive signal and the drive sounds for each selected My Mode through to the acoustic soundscapes combined with the BMW Theatre Screen, available here for the first time. With the factory-fitted BMW IconicSounds Electric, the brand’s locally emission-free premium model offers entirely new soundscapes that are generated by the interaction between driver and vehicle and are a core component in the design of a unique driving experience.

Including the exclusive soundscapes for the optional Theatre Mode, the complete sound spectrum of BMW IconicSounds Electric can be experienced for the first time in the new BMW i7. The sounds, which are unique in the automotive sector, have been developed in a collaboration between the BMW Group and two-time Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer. They reinforce the authentic agreement of the vehicle’s character with BMW design and the resulting driving experience in the world’s first all-electric luxury saloon.

You can find out more details about the new BMW i7 EV over at the BMW website, it certainly looks very impressive from the photos.

Source: BMW

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