How To Watch Movies and TV Shows free on CmoviesHD?

Who doesn’t love to watch new films? There are movie freaks in every corner of the globe. People watch movies for several reasons. But mostly, they prefer to watch their favourite films in their leisure hours to relax and chill. Nowadays, one would come across several movie streaming platforms online. Some of them are legal while the others are illegal. Besides movie streaming platforms, one can also visit their nearest movie theatres to watch their favourite films. The disadvantage of this mode is that not everyone is capable of paying the charges of movie theatres. For such people, streaming movies online is the ideal option. If you are looking for a suitable site that allows you to stream content for free online, look no further than CmoviesHD. Continue to read below if you are to know more about this site. 

What is CmoviesHD? 

Like we said, movie theatres aren’t a convenient option for all. Some fail to avail the ticket prices in theatres. Some even fail to pay the subscription charges of the legal movie streaming sites. For such people, sites like CmoviesHD are an ideal option. 

CmoviesHD is one such website that doesn’t charge prices for offering movies and other content. You can download your favourite movies from CmoviesHD without having to worry about its charges. The site offers completely free services to all. On this site, you can avail a vast variety of movies, web series, documentaries, short films, and whatnot. Not just that, the contents comes from different genres.

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Currently, CmoviesHD is one of the most popular illegal movie streaming platforms which provides free accessibility to all. The site has become so popular in such a short time mostly because of its features. The incorporation of the right features has made the site interesting and easily accessible. Continue to read below to know more about the features of this site. 

Features of CmoviesHD

Before you proceed to use this site, it’s better to know its features. Below enlisted are a few such features that you must know. 

  • CmoviesHD is a user-friendly interface, which makes navigation very easy. The site is easily and quickly browsable. 
  • The site is connected to fast servers, which allows people to download movies or other content quickly.
  • CmoviesHD brings together content from a variety of genres such as thrillers, comedy, drama, romance, horror, psychological thriller, etc. 
  • Besides Hindi and English, people can stream movies or other content in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, etc. 
  • Besides original movies, you can find dubbed versions of other films too. 
  • Probably the best feature of CmoviesHD is that it provides services for free. 

How to download movies from CmoviesHD? 

By now you have understood how large the collection of contents On CmoviesHD is. It comprises movies from different genres and languages. Even dubbed versions are also available. The site is not just popular for its large and varied collection, but also its easy accessibility. But, if you are still facing issues with downloading and movie streaming, go through the steps listed below. 

  • Visit the active site of CmoviesHD. Click on that site. 
  • Now that the homepage has opened, browse through the site’s collection. There are different categories that you would find. Click on a suitable one. A list of movies of that category would come on screen. 
  • If you are unable to find the movie from the categories, you can directly search for it in the search bar. A list of related results would appear on the screen. Click on the link to the movie you have been looking for. 
  • Once you click, you would be taken to another page. 
  • Now choose either stream or download.
  • If you click on download, you have to choose a suitable format in the next step.
  • Lastly, click on continue downloading. 

Categories on CmoviesHD 

Considering the convenience of its users, CmoviesHD has cleanly categorised its contents into several categories. This helps people while looking for their favourite content. All you have to do is simply click on the category to which the movie belongs. Given below are some of the categories of CmoviesHD. 

  • Hollywood 720p movies 
  • Dual audio 720p movies
  • South Indian dubbed movies 1080p
  • Dual audio 1080p movies 
  • Bollywood 300 Mb movies
  • Cartoon and anime 720p
  • Bengali movies 720p
  • Punjabi Movies 720p
  • Dubbed movies 

These are some of the major categories of content one might find on CmoviesHD. The site keeps updating its contents and new categories are always added. 

Illegal alternatives to CmoviesHD 

In case you are unable to access the site of CmoviesHD, you can visit the other illegal movie streaming alternatives which operate just like CmoviesHD. But, before you start to browse through such sites, we would like to inform you of the potential dangers in this case. Your device is susceptible to malware and viruses which might destroy your device internally. Additionally, your entire device’s information might get stolen. Besides that, if you are caught browsing through such sites red-handed, you are bound to land in jail. You also have to pay a compensatory amount of about 3 lakhs. Nevertheless, if you are still willing to know about the alternative sites to CmoviesHD, continue to read below: 

  • The pirate bay 
  • Filmygyaan 
  • Filmywap
  • Online movies HD
  • Kuttymovies 
  • Moviespur
  • Bolly2tolly
  • Xmovies8
  • Watch online movies
  • Hindilinks4u

Legal Alternative sites to CmoviesHD

You must know that CmoviesHD is an illegal site. Accessing it is a crime as per the anti-piracy law. So, if you are looking for suitable CmoviesHD alternatives, we have you covered. We have listed below the names of some of the major legal alternatives of the CmoviesHD site. They offer similar services like CmoviesHD. The only thing is that they charge a nominal monthly or annual subscription fee for their services. Though they charge prices, they offer completely safe and secure movie streaming services, unlike the illegal pirated movie streaming sites. 

  • Gostream
  • Moviewatcher
  • Putlocker
  • Vumoo
  • Flicksmore
  • Amazon prime
  • Movierill
  • Movie4u
  • Snagfilms
  • TeaTV

This post was entirely meant for educational purposes. Through this, we intended to make our readers aware of the dangers associated with browsing illegal movie streaming platforms. Don’t consider this post to be promotional. Neither do we intend to promote it nor do we support piracy. At the same time, we also request our readers to stop accessing these illegal sites and start using the legal ones. We have already listed the dangers associated with accessing sites like CmoviesHD. Consider them seriously and take immediate measures to put an end to the piracy business in India. It has already caused losses to our film industries. Many films have run through losses because these sites have released pirated copies right on the day of their theatrical release. This severely affects the box office collection of the movies. Unless and until, we, as responsible citizens take the matters into our hands, we wouldn’t be able to stop the piracy business. 


What is CmoviesHD? 

Like we already mentioned, CmoviesHD is an illegal movie streaming website that uploads pirated content of the latest releases for people. The site is a torrent site that functions without proper copyright permissions. Accessing such sites is illegal and against Indian law. 

What are the different categories of movies that you can watch on CmoviesHD? 

We have already listed some of the major categories that one can find on CmoviesHD. There are popular categories based on the year of release, language, genre, actors starring, IMDb rating, etc. Categories like Hindi movies downloading, old movies, Hollywood Oscar-winning films, Tamil HD movies, etc. can be found. 

Is it safe to download movies from CmoviesHD website? 

No, accessing the website of CmoviesHD isn’t safe at all. We would request our readers to stop accessing illegal sites like CmoviesHD. They upload pirated contents which are against Indian law. Also, these sites are dangerous for your device as they can lead to severe device malfunctioning.  

Why CmoviesHD website is so popular? 

There are numerous reasons behind the site’s popularity. The most important can be its large variety of contents. Additionally, it’s easy interface and easy browsing experience is also an advantage. Lastly, the site’s categorised contents further enhance everyone’s browsing experience. 

How does CmoviesHD work? 

Firstly, the site checks what latest videos and movies have been released on different platforms. Then, they make a list of the contents which are having high demand. Once they upload the contents illegally on their website, people can visit CmoviesHD and watch the newly uploaded content for free. 

Is CmoviesHD a legal website? 

No, we have already mentioned that CmoviesHD isn’t a legal site. It’s an illegal pirated site that hosts pirated copies of movies and other content. The site continually changes its domain to keep operating despite strong anti-piracy laws. 

How could we download movies from CmoviesHD? 

Downloading content from CmoviesHD is very easy. We have already listed the steps above. Go through them and you would enjoy streaming movies and content for free on CmoviesHD. 

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