Is Cumblr A Secure Website or Not? Let’s Find Out

Cumblr is a free blogger platform that connects many categories’ titles and allows upgrading the vision in business, education, etc. Cumblr is a free blogging website for everyone where you can get a number of options to select the perfect themes by Cumblr. What are you waiting for? Go and drive into Cumblr. But first, you should know as parents that Cumblr is a secure website for your child or not? Let’s check out the details of this website, and it will decide by you that you will allow your child according to his/her age that Cumblr is good or bad for him/her.

IMPORTANT: As we are the official Google ranking website, it is our responsibility to never support those unethical contents platform which is not safe for the children.

Cumblr Secure or Not?

As we discuss that Cumblr is the alternative to Tumblr, where the user gets a free blogging platform with similar contents and features in Cumblr. There was a time where non-ethical content or not safe for child contents was found in Tumblr with their domination/bod gage, kink, etc. but was not safe for business communities. Hence, Apple removed Tumblr from its official App Store in November 2018 as they said that “Child Pornography had slipped onto the site.”

Therefore, Cumblr also added that content which is not safe for the child and also legally introduced into their website “Adult blogging platform.” In this column, they created the blog place for those who are interested in Adult content. Cumblr also makes this platform simple as Tumblr, where anyone can easily get started. It makes a change in the Google Play Store and App Store that they don’t allow Cumblr as the official app for their users.

As we already discussed that the content which Cumblr is providing in their platform could not support by a good person, company, business, or country. So it is up to you that which type of life perception you want to set into your child’s mind. You can share your answer in the comment box that you will allow your child to go with the Cumlbr website or not? Mention the reason which will help us to understand your reason.

Latest News:

After a long time, Tumblr is back again on the official Google play store and the App store because Tumblr has added a restriction on adult content. Because of that, non-ethical subjects (not good for a child) are no more available in It. In this way, as a similar platform, if Cumblr also does the same, then more people will allow their child to go with the Cumblr website.

If you want to download Tumblr, then try the official and secure way. From your device, go to the official Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and type “Tumblr” you will get the official page to download the app into your Android & Apple device.

How To Download Cumblr For Android Devices

It is your choice that you want to go with the third party application or not an Android user.

Step #1. Open the Clumbr Business link into a new tab web browser of another device or PC.

Step #2. Here you will see the RQ code scan using your Android camera from the screen.

Step #3. It will proceed toward download and follow the instruction to complete the process.

Step #4. Once download complete it will install as a third-party app, you will have to allow unknown sources from your Android device setting.

Step #5. Once installed, open the app located into the Android app room of your device and enters the login/password, which you use in the Cumblr website login.

Step #6. Once you enter into the Cumblr app, enjoy this platform.

Final Words:

Using the third party app is not always safe for a device’s security. Sometimes security breaches and your data can get stolen. We discuss that Cumblr is secure or not, and it is your choice that you allow this platform for family or restrict it. Share your point of view about Cumblr in the comment box, and we hope that this information will help you more than any other information that is available on the internet.

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