DareTv: Everything You Need Know About This Free Streaming Site

Gone are the days, when we were completely dependent on TV to watch movies and TV shows. Today, we have the convenience of streaming sites. The advantage of using a streaming site is that you can watch anything, anytime on your smartphone or PC. Also, many of these streaming sites are free means you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies for free. This is why many people these days are dependent on streaming sites.

Speaking of streaming sites, DareTV was one of the best online streaming sites available out there. It offered many great features to the users. If you are a big-time movie buff, then chances are you already know about this site. Let’s find out more about the DareTV site.

What is DareTV all about?

DareTV was a popular online streaming site. It used to be the first choice for users to watch movies and TV shows. The site offered a huge collection for free and this is what made it the best out of the lot.

The site was packed with a lot of innovative features that made it more convenient to use. It had a very user-friendly interface that made it easier for the users to use it. But unfortunately, the site is no more alive. Yes, this site has been banned by some private and Government organizations because of piracy of TV shows and movies.


DareTV offered many useful features that made it the top choice for the users. For those who never got the chance to use the site, here is a brief sneak peek.

  1. The site had a very easy to use interface. This allowed users to use the site conveniently.
  2. Unlike other streaming sites, DareTV had very less annoying ads. This allowed users to watch their favourite shows and movies without any disturbance.
  3. The site and all its contents were available for free means you had to pay no money at all.
  4. The site was regularly updated with new content so that you always had new stuff to watch.

What happened to DareTV?

From being one of the best streaming sites, DareTV has now become the talk of the past. The site was shut-down in 2018 for reasons unknown. However, it is suspected that the site fell prey to the copyright backlash. This left many users heartbroken as they lost one of their best sources of entertainment. The site remains shut and there is very little hope that it will ever come online.

DareTv users can use other similar streaming sites to meet their entertainment requirements. Luckily, there are many such sites available out there and most of them are free. Not just that but they also offer you HD quality content so that you can enjoy your movies and TV shows at its best. All you have to do is look for the best alternatives to DareTV and choose the top-rated ones to stream your shows and movies.

DareTV was once a very popular streaming site. But due to copyright issues, it has been shut-down. But you can use other free streaming sites to watch your TV shows and movies.

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