Download Android Multi tools V 1.02b: Easy To Remove All Pattern Lock

If your android smartphone, have locked with the pattern and wanted to unlock? Then here is the right tool to share with you. The Multi Android tools V 1.02b is one of the best pattern lock removing tool for android smartphone.

The tool allows the android guy to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Using this tool you can easy to Remove or unlock the pattern lock from any android devices. Also if you forget your phone password, then it’s easy to remove your lock. So just download the Android Multi-tools from below.

The tool is coming with the great features, and also it’s too popular in the worldwide. Let’s check it out the best features of Android Multitools.

Key Features of Android Multi Tools:

  • Easy to Unlock pattern lock or passwords
  • It has wipe data on android.
  • Without installing custom recovery TWRP.
  • Reset your android device in a blink of your eyes.
  • Easy to bypass Gmail account from your phone without knowing previous info like email ID OR PASSWORD.
  • Reboot in a Single Click
  • Check the status of the device in fastboot mode
  • Wipe data or cache in fastboot mode
  • Exit fastboot mode in a single click
  • Launch command prompt in a single click
  • Check software and hardware information.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

How to Use Android Multi Tools v1.02b

It’s too easy to use this android multi tools v1.02b. If you want to learn how to do then just follow the below steps….

  • First off all download the Android Multi Tools from above link.
  • Now Just Open the file and extract to any location on your system (Preferably desktop)
  • Once installed click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe to run the file
  • After pop up will appear to ask permissions, grant all of them.
  • And tool will open now, and a GUI will be presented to you.
  • Now Just Press 1 to check device status which tells you all the basic information about your devices like device ID and IMEI etc
  • You can Press 2 to Reset Password or Pin lock; this is the feature most of you are here for. When you hit 2 and follow the instructions you can deactivate and remove the password or pin on a device.
  • When you press 3, you will be able to wipe face data or gesture lock if that is what was used to lock the device.
  • Pressing 4 would allow you to reset the Google ID associated with the device
  • A quick press of the 5 key will wipe all the data there is on the device and make it new.
  • Pressing the 7 key will give you the status of the device when it is in fast boot mode, helpful when flashing TWRP and custom Roms

That’s it.

Hope you follow this instruction and easy to download and unlock your pattern lock from the android smartphone. If you have any query about it, let me know us in below comment box.

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