What are the best DU Recorder Alternatives 2021?

Earlier, operating systems like iOS and Android didn’t integrate their systems to allow users to screen record. Users hence had to root their smartphones first before they could record anything on their screens. This entire process was extremely complicated and tedious. One cannot also ignore the risks associated with phone rooting. Luckily, now all these complications are a thing of the past and developers are here with a newly developed screen recording app named DU recorder. For a detailed study of this app and its alternatives, continue reading below.

What is the DU Recorder?

The DU screen recorder, video recorder app is a high-quality screen recording app available for free to Android and iOS users. One could also use the DU recorder for PC. With this app, one can capture clear screen videos easily. The app is easy to be used, with a simple user-friendly interface. Saving videos to the gallery using this app is also hassle-free. There’s no need for phone rooting. One can record video calls, games, online videos, music, trailers, and live shows for free, without limitations. The best part is one doesn’t need to create an account, register, or subscribe to it. All you need to do is, install the app on your device and start using it. Sadly, DU recorder being a Chinese app has been banned by the Indian government recently. We have discussed this issue further in this article.

Why was the app banned?

You must be curious to know what happened to the DU recorder. Well, the app was found to violate the guidelines and privacy policies of the users. A few people would like to believe that our government has taken the decision owing to the brewing Indo China tensions. However, it’s not so. According to the IT ministry, this app has been banned by the Indian government for reasons related to users’ privacy and security concerns. Many of these Chinese apps like DU recorder engaged in unethical activities which jeopardised the integrity and sovereignty of Indians. Hence, keeping in mind the safety of all users, the Indian government has taken this crucial step.

Alternatives of DU Recorder

Finding a reliable video and screen recording app is extremely essential, especially for professionals. People could be editing and recording confidential information. If such information gets stolen or hacked, it might result in serious life risks. We understand this and that’s why we have brought to you a comprehensive list of the best DU recorder alternates, which you can use.

  1. Screen Recorder

This is the prime DU recorder alternative android app that we have on our list. Using this simple application, you can record games, save snaps, chats, videos, and captures. This app allows you to work on your phone and record it at the same time. If you can’t figure out how to use this app, no worries. The app itself provides tutorials on how to use it. On this app, one can draw and create tutorials with a whiteboard screen. With its variety of functions available, this app has become a top choice for teachers, users, app testers, and everyone. This useful app surely saves your precious time by facilitating multitasking. The Screen Recorder app is of immense help in gathering proofs of anything or sharing someone’s video of work with one another. Also, it allows parents to regulate the use of smartphones by their children.

  1. AZ Screen Recorder 

With this DU recorder alternative Indian app, you can record video with sound. Not only that, but you can also record games and take screenshots. This is also a video editing app. One can edit photos, videos, add effects, and filters to it and make other necessary changes. To enable people to enjoy editing, this app offers a plethora of features they can make use of like GIFs, stickers, cool effects, latest filters, unique fonts, etc. There’s no fixed time limit to the duration of the recording. Also, there’s no phone rooting required. Users only need to download this app for free from the play store and get started with it. Besides all, this app additionally also delivers AZ plug-in which comes with a variety of new features like compressing and cropping videos, replacing audio, etc. This pro version has to be subscribed with additional charges to unlock the extra features.

  1. Mobizen

Mobizen is another free screen recording application that Android and iOS users can use without hassles. You can capture games, online videos, movies, and whatnot. This application is most preferred because of its easy UI. This application not only allows you to capture videos, but also edit it accordingly. One can also use the features provided by this application to control screen recording. The app not only allows users to capture screenshots, but also add subtitles to it anytime. Using this application, users can convert the file format into an MP3 file. Also, you can change your recording settings to landscape or portrait as per your choice. You can also add music to your videos apart from other edits. Mobizen allows users to capture videos in various formats like 1080 resolution, 12.0 Mbps, and 60 FPS. Through its various editing options, it allows people to enhance the quality of the video. The best part is the app doesn’t leave any watermark whenever you record or capture screenshots from this app.

  1. ADV screen recorder

Mostly, all these screen recording apps provide almost similar features. ADV Screen recorder is no exception. Like other apps, this too allows users to capture videos and screen recordings and edit them accordingly. One can record and edit and save videos in various formats like 1080p, 720p, etc. It offers bit rates from 1 Mbps to 15 Mbps. It also offers frame rate options from 24 FPS to 60 FPS. ADV Screen recorder allows users to record internal and external audio besides giving them 3 secs before starting to record videos or screen. Users can do anything while the recording continues. They can even make phone calls and the audio would get recorded as well. They can also video call anyone and record the entire call. Users are free to end the recording anytime and edit it afterward using the variety of options given by the ADV screen recorder app.

  1. Super Screen Recorder 

An utterly smooth, easy, and free screen recording application, especially for Android users, is the Super Screen Recorder. It’s simple to use, but extremely effective. Not only does it allow users to record the screen, but also gives you options to record it with audio or mute audio as per your choice. The app offers easy controls over your screen or video recording which are easy to be understood and used. The app comes with a note tool, using which you can mark areas on your screen while recording. As we already said, the app is well designed with a simple, easily navigable interface. Hence, it is sure to provide you with a satisfying editing experience. It helps you customise your recording by changing the resolutions easily from 1020 or 720 to 480 or 520 and even vice versa. Not only is the resolution customisable, but also the FPS and bit rates.

  1. Recordit.co

Recordit.co is another free screen recording solution, which is android and iOS compatibility. You can use it on the web too. It’s a lightweight designed software available for Windows users too. This solution is ideal for those who need to capture all sorts of short videos or tutorials on their devices and share them with others. Besides being a screen recording or screenshot capturing app, Recordit.co is also a video editing app. It comes with all necessary professional editing tools that are essential to edit your video just the way you want. The best thing about Recordit.co is that it takes into consideration users’ safety and privacy concerns. It’s password protected and has higher FPS which enables you to store your important recordings and captures safely in this app. If you are looking for a realistic and useful app, this is the best to be used.

  1. Loom 

The loom is another powerful but simple video capturing app that has become recently popular. Mostly for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, this app allows you to record your current screen, save, edit, and share it with your friends and family directly. It comes with features enabling people to draw tools, circles, lines, and whatnot. For screenshots captured, you can hide icons, change the colour, sharpness, brightness, and add frames to them. With its easily navigable UI, you are sure to have a satisfactory user experience. This app has been in use for years and has received positive responses from users throughout. Its easy menu and features have made recording even easier for users. Once the recording is done, you can unleash your creativity to edit it as per your requirements. Like other recording apps, you can get a plethora of editing options on this app as well. One can add filters, effects, frames, compress a video, crop, and trim it and do so much more.

  1. Snagit

Snagit is a comparatively new competitor in the market. It is a well designed, well equipped, and latest image and video recording software which is highly preferred in recent times. It has various editing options in common with the other applications and some ADVanced features besides the common ones. You can capture your screen or any kind of live video. It’s an extremely versatile application which is sure to give you great user experience. You get options to save and share the file once the editing is done. Also, the app lets you choose the format in which you would like to save your video. The app also gives you the option to hide the cursor, mute microphone or audio, add texts, frames, etc. In short, Snagit is a newly launched app that needs further updates to deliver a better user experience. As of now, it’s enough to allow people to edit their screenshots and videos satisfactorily.

  1. Camtasia 

Camtasia is the best video capturing and screenshotting app for professionals. It’s a premium level video and screen recording and editing software. Of course, you need to subscribe to it for accessing its latest features. It is both Android, iOS, and Windows compatible. Also, you can use this software through the web and smartphones. This software solution provides a well-balanced interface, delivering high-quality output, results, and user experience. One can use this app to create video lessons and tutorials for others and share it with whomever you want. If you want to make changes to your video, you can do it using the innumerable editing tools provided by this app. With this video recorder and editor, you are sure to create high quality, robust, customised, and interactive videos just the way you want.

10. ApowerREC

Another multipurpose screen recording and capturing solution in the list is ApowerREC. It’s integrated with the ability to create recording tasks, annotating recordings, editing them, upload recorded videos, share them with your contacts, capture screenshots, and so on. Sven if you are a beginner, you don’t need any guide to use this app. It’s easily navigable UI would make the task easier for you. You can pause your recording anytime you want. Once it’s recorded, you can edit it with the ample editing tools available and save it directly. This app is sure to cater to your editing needs to the fullest. Android users can easily control and adjust the recording with an overlay of icons. iOS users can add their voice or audio into the video while editing.

With the ban on the DU recorder app, the DU recorder site has also become inaccessible. But you don’t have to worry. We have listed the best video recording apps as of now. They come with a lot of editing and recording features, enabling people to create better interactive videos. So without delaying more, get started with your work!


Do these apps charge subscription fees? 

Yes, mostly all these apps can be downloaded for free. However, some of them do provide a pro version and offer extra features and facilities if you subscribe to it.

What are the most popular DU video call alternatives? 

We have already mentioned all the best alternatives, along with their descriptions. All of them provide fair services. However, if you still have to know the best among them, screen recorder, Camtasia, and Snagit would be worth mentioning.

Is there any chance of these alternatives getting banned in the future? 

No, you don’t have to worry about any of these apps getting banned. None of the above-mentioned alternatives is Chinese. Hence, you can use them without worries.

Do these alternatives provide similar services? 

Since all these are video recording apps, they function similarly. However, the options they deliver varies to a great extent. Some provide more while others provide fewer editing options. However, the basic video and screen recording features are provided by all.

Who can access these alternatives? 

Some of the apps are exclusively designed for Android while others are android and iOS compatible.

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