Best Way To Unlock Extratorrents Website And Download Movies, TV Shows And More

If you are an old streamer who searches for movies, music, games, TV shows, etc, then you should know about Extratorrents. It is one of the massive data providers of the BitTorrent system. I also use to download the latest Hollywood movies in HD quality from this platform. There were other BitTorrent systems, but this extratorrents search was easy to use and provide every type of torrent files directory. It was the best source for an old-time where one can easily upload data related to torrents site. These uploaded data comes under the radar of BitTorrent tracker.

If you wish to watch Extratorrents movies 2018 collection, then you should be happy to know that the massive torrents data is available in high-quality torrents videos. There were many restrictions made from the Government-led hunt bittorrents main source. But this peer to peer works system still online and ready as before to serve you with the file-sharing or willingness to seed. This friendly Extratorrents website is still present today, but there are some consequences which need to be followed to visit this vibrant community.

If you have missed the extratorrents 2018 collection then don’t worry extra torrent dot cc is available at your service. There are some countries where you need to follow the guidance mention below. It will help you how to unblock Extratorrent cc, and you can get extratorrents to download free movies on your storage.

How To Unblock Extratorrent (Guide)

This guide will help you to unlock extratorrents website and allow you to enter into the browser.

Step #1. From your computer open a new web browser.

Step #2. Now type “ proxy” into the search bar and press enter.


Step #3. Click on the first search website as you can see in the screenshot.


Step #4. When extratorrent website is open, you see there is Extratorrent Proxy 1 to 9 options available. Click on Proxy 9


Step #5. Now ExtraTorrent main page is open which you can recognize, where all the menu, sub-menu, categories, etc. are seen on screen. You also see your IP address and place from where you are opening this page. Click on the search bar located at the top and type what you want to search, I go for “English movie” and press enter.


Step #6. Scroll down, and you will get the relevant results. You need to click on Magnetic link of any movie you wish to download. You will get the “Open Magnet URL” popup on the screen where you need to tick on the box and click “Open Magnetic URL” as you can see indicate on a screenshot.


Note: Make sure that your Utorrent downloader is installed into your Laptop/PC before step #6.

 Step #7. Once you completed above, step then the Utorrent downloader tool popup and open your magnetic link directly from the torrent when you click on it.


Step #8. Check the downloading folder if you wish to change and then click on the “OK” button.


Step #9. You will see that the magnetic link starting to peer and enjoy after the download is complete.

Final Words

BitTorrent is the largest magnetic link sharing to its mirror websites, and Extratorrents also provide service it. There are rumours spread every year that Extratorrents is completely shut down. But due to its millions of fans following this platform will still stay for a little long time. We hope that this extratorrents guide helps you out with the proper steps and screenshots. In any case, if you are enabled to download video from Extratorrents or other Bittorrent systems then let us know through a comment box.

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