Footlocker Homeview: Careers, Login, Discount, Pros, Cons, And More

Footlocker is the place of promotion of goods and service related to a different type of merchandise available for retails sales. Footlocker homeview is the determination of the excellent quality of merchandise in a set price for goods and services. Footlockers attract its customers with setting prices and establishing coupons or discounts on various products and brands.

If you are looking for the footwear brand name which apparel to specialty chain stores then Footlocker is the best option which also convenience me with the best offer and discounted price on the top brand like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and more. There is an extensive collection of athletic footwear, accessories, and apparel. Every age or gender gets many choices in a footlocker, and the stores divided into two separate sections for Men, Women, and children. Between 1994 and 1997, the Woolworth Corporation underwent dramatic changes, including the final closing of the last 400 F.W.

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Footlocker Homeview

Footlocker careers:

If you are looking for the best Footlocker careers, then you need to follow the link.

Open the link into a new web browser and scroll down where you will see two search bars “Search job title, keyword or skill” and “City, state or Zip.” Enter the suitable search to the provided field and then click on “SEARCH JOB” button.

Footlocker Homeview

You will get the relevant search results where you can proceed to the contact with the different department of Footlocker and submit your documents for the job.

Note: Please read the job requirement carefully before applying for the job. Otherwise, rejection will make you depressed.

Foot Locker Employee Discount:

There are two types of discount which Footlocker provide to their employees and these benefits provide by Footlocker is one of satisfactory point which employees get from this place.

  • The 30% discount is the regular discount which employees get once in a month.
  • The 50% discount is the occasionally discount which is provided at the festival, traditional holidays like Christmas, New-year, Easter, etc.
  • These types of discount are available on entire Sale & regular priced. In every Footlocker Inc stores in the United States, the clearance purchases have been made for merchandise.
  • The stores include Lady Foot Locker, Footaction, SIX: 02, Kids Foot Locker and Champs Sports.

Footlocker mission statement:

The focus vision of Footlocker homeview is to become one of the top leading global retailers for athletically apparel. Before 2010 this inspired mission statement was announced by Footlocker, and after the tough competition in the market, the mission statement upgraded with the strategic vision by sums up and focuses on business growth with initiatives. Footlocker also keeps carrying financial objectives with long-term planning along with it.

How To Login/Forgot Password/ Registered to Footlocker

Step #1. Go to the official Footlocker Dot Com page by using a web browser.

Step #2. Click on Sign In button located at the top right on black bar close to Find a Store.

Footlocker Homeview

Step #3. Sign Inbox is a popup on the screen where it will ask your registered Email address and Password. Enter the requirement to the provided field and click on the “Sign-In” button.

Footlocker Homeview

Step #4. If your email and password are correct, you will successfully enter into the Footlocker homeview page and enjoy the unlimited merchandise of your choice.

In any case, if you forget your password, then follow these steps.

Step #5. On the same Sign-in page you will see in red color “Forgot Password” located below the Password Colum, Click on it.

Footlocker Homeview

Step #6. It will ask you your Footlocker registered email address, enter your email address and click on “Send Reset Link” button.

Footlocker Homeview

Step #7. Now open your email page where you will receive the email for Footlocker related to reset password open it and click on given link. There will be a security question, so it will confirm that you are the real owner of that Footlocker ID. Fill the necessary information to the provided field asked by Footlocker, and you will get a new Password.

Note: This time note your Password to some safe place, where you remember it.


Step #8. From the same official page click on Sign-In button, you will see the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” option in popup box clicks on it.

Footlocker Homeview

Step #9. You will be entered to the create account page where you will be filling the original information to the provided field which will help you in future assistance by Footlocker.

Foam Required: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, and Date of birth.

Tick on “Yes, I’d like to receive emails about new products, offers and more.”

There is an option of your account type “Become a Locker VIP (Free to join), Signed up in a locker store? Link my VIP number or Skip VIP reward at this time”. Select any option as per your need and then follow the captcha, “I’m not a robot.”

After all above stuff completed click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” button.

If any question asks related to security purpose, then follow it and you will successfully register/Sign-up for Footlocker. Now you can enjoy Footlocker homeview account online,

What are the Pros & Cons of Footlocker Homeview from Employee?


  • The Salary package that Footlocker is providing to an employee is satisfactory.
  • There is the extra case option provided to the employee by breaking down the working hours of 48.
  • The atmosphere of Footlocker is excellent because of the great people who motivate in a job.
  • The employees of footlocker homeview are thoroughly socialized, which help a new employee to adjust quickly.
  • The fun part of footlocker job is that there is customer interaction.
  • Because of the fast-paced environment, the days passed quickly.


  • There are weekly works hours (50+ hours) are confirmed during the job which employee must complete.
  • The working hour exceeds 82 hours per weeks, which is the challenging task for a new or older adult.
  • There is no holiday off given to the employees.
  • There is only one day off out of 7 days a week, which means six days regular work.
  • There is another Cons of Footlocker job where an employee does more than twice shift.
  • The limited-time is given to complete the task which is unreasonable in generally. At this time, the workload is also high than regular working hours.
  • Sometimes an employee has to do extra work which he/she does not sigh for such as antiquated POS system, antiquated training, redundant paperwork, and antiquated file system.

What Footlocker Do Employees think about this job?

According to the employee of Footlocker, the percentage which they get from the Footlocker homeview is satisfied. One of the Footlocker Comment: “Management decides then it is given to you, in my case, it was given to me in my first week, but in people hired after it took about a month of work before it was given to avoid people abusing it.” This statement was published in the official footlocker blog commentary.

Final Words:

In this article, we discussed everything you need to know about Footlocker homeview. Some of the information is taken from the long-time employees of Footlocker who are working or left the job. In this way, we can provide you the real details on Footlocker. If you think that we provide the relevant information or not related to the topic, then share your point of view in the comment section. Also, share this article to your family and friend so they can also get the discount offer for their relevant merchandise direct from Footlocker home view official login page or through Priceblink (link mention in news part).

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