How to install Linux on your PlayStation 4 and what you can expect

If you are interested in learning more about how you can install Linux on your old PlayStation 4 console. You may be interested in a new demonstration video created by the team over at Linus Tech Tips.

Linux master Anthony takes you through the process and explains what you can expect once you have loaded Linux onto your jailbroken PlayStation 4 system.

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Install Linux on a PS4

Jump over to the Modded Warfare tutorials link below for a complete walk-through of how to jailbreak your PS4 using a USB flash drive. Once this is accomplished you can then install the next on your PS4 and benefit from a wide variety of different applications and features provided by the operating system. Such as playing Linux PC games, applications, enjoy streaming services, emulators and benefiting from having a fully fledged computer where your PlayStation console once lived.

Anthony would like to apologize to Sony for having way too much fun messing around with a jailbroken PS4 Pro. Cheats? You bet. Homebrewed Software? Totally. Linux? You better believe it. HALO AND MARIOKART?… HECK. YES. Why buy a PS5 when you can do this?”

How to install Linux on your PlayStation 4 Video Tutorial

HACKED PS4 Video Tutorial

Check out the tutorials provided by Modded Warfare to learn more about how you can run a full Linux distro on your Jailbroken PS4 running 9.00 or lower firmware.

Source: LTT: Tutorials

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