How To Download and Install iApps4u on iPhone

Do you know that there are third-party app stores available from where you can download many apps without any cost? One of such stores is iApps4u! This is another tweaked app store available. Apple store does not offer any such thing free of cost, so here is today’s article I come up with the iApps4u app store. We would go into detail of iapps4u, download, and installation procedure.

Abundant of apps available on the app store but those apps are not enough for all. That’s why the concept of third-party stores come into existence. Many third-party stores are available but all of them do not work without jailbreak, however, some do. So, how to install iapps4u without jailbreaking the device would be our main concern for today.


iApps4u is an open-source platform that allows you to download various apps completely free of cost. It is similar to many third parties stores like Cydia and Hipstore.

The biggest disadvantage of iApps4u is that it can be installed without jailbreaking the device. To date, people are using Cydia but now they are moving to iapps4u and that’s why iapps4u getting extensive popularity in such a small time.

Download all premium games without spending any bucks.

iApps4u is completely safe until you use it for educational purposes. The day you started using it for commercial purpose you may end up violating rules and may have legality issues with original app developers.

Moreover use Anti revoke Profile VPN software, to safeguard the apps from auto-revoke after 7 days.

Additional iapps4u information

  1. App Name: iApps4U App.
  2. Category: free paid third-party App store.
  3. Type: Non-jailbreak latest tweak.
  4. Compatibility: iPhone 8+, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 etc.
  5. A good internet connection is needed to download tweaks.
  6. iDevices which are above the iPhone 5.
  7. iApps4U App Downloading Link.
  8. Non-jailbreak iPhone/iPad Touch device.

Benefits of iapps4u

  1. Saves your money – easily download premium apps totally free of cost.
  2. Takes less RAM space
  3. Virus-free – the app is free from all types of viruses, worms, trojan horses, etc.
  4. Malware protected
  5. Easy to use – friendly interface make it convenient to use.

How to Download and Install iApps4u?

Now your wait has come to end, follow the steps below to download and install iapps4u.

  1. Open Safari Browser. If you do not have one, Firstly download it and then proceed, Safari browser is safe to use, so I am going to use the Safari browser here.
  2. Enter the address “” in the address bar.
  3. Now on the home page, you would see two options: White theme mode and Dark theme mode. Choose one of your choices.
  4. Once you press the install button on iapps4u, you will be navigated to actual installation page.
  5. Now click on the install button and wait till the process ends.
  6. Now click on done and you are good to go!

How to fix if iapps4u is not working?

Follow the steps below if you have recently installed the app but it’s not working.

  1. Go to settings -> general settings
  2. Click on profile and device management.
  3. Scroll down till you find iapps4u and trust its certificate.

How to use iapps4u on iPhone?

  1. Launch the app
  2. Wait for few seconds until home page loads
  3. Now you will see all tweaked apps and hacked games there.
  4. Now, choose an app that you want to download.
  5. next, click on the download button and finally install it.

Alternatives to iapps4u

Tweak Box

This is one of the most used Tweaked app stores available. It has over 7 million users and 2000 apps for installation. It contains apps running from different categories such as Flash Apps, Appstore Apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, and Hacked Games.

The main advantage is that you can easily get rid of ads here.

App Valley

It is another great app store available for iOS and Android devices. It is very easy to download app valley and then easy to download apps from this tweaked store.

One of the most prominent examples available here is KODI. Moreover, YES the store contains ads but can easily be removed.


Another very important app store is iOSEmus. It is very easy to install. Its main advantage is zero-pop-up ads. iOSEmus contains the best third-party apps such as Spotify ++, snapchat++, etc. The apps here are easy to install and use.

Before you Go…


It’s better to safeguard than to get caught in illegal activities.


Well friends, now the iApps4u store is successfully installed on your device without any jailbreak. I hope you would now follow the procedure and easily install it without any jailbreak.

We appreciate your feedback. Mention in comments if you face any issues regarding the same! We would definitely help you.

Thanks for reading!

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