Myfiosgateway not working: how to fix this

With so many areas of daily life becoming increasingly reliant on a good internet connection, selecting the proper equipment is more vital than ever. To receive an internet connection, you required a router and a modem previously. Gateway routers are increasingly the favored choice due to growing consumption and network congestion.

One of the most popular, desired, and effective gateway routers available is Myfiosgateway. Ethernet, wires, and Wi-Fi can all get used with gateway capabilities. When attempting to utilize the internet, however, Myfiosgateway users may receive a “Myfiosgateway not secure” error. So, in this article, we’ll go through some of the most frequent troubleshooting techniques.

“MyFiosGateway Not Secure” – Methods to Fix

Looking forward to eliminating the error? Here’s the rundown of the practical solutions to resolve the trouble in no time.

  • Reloading The Page

When you get the “not secure” notice on a web page, this is the simplest solution. It may sound overly apparent and cliched, but nine times out of ten, it solves the problem. Reloading the page will refresh it, and if the SSL certificate has to get reissued, that will get done as well. Furthermore, if the browser does not submit a correction request to the server, this error would appear, and restarting the page would resolve the issue.

  • Public Wi-Fi

Gateways get used because they provide secure internet connections. So, whether you’re utilizing a public network or Wi-Fi from a café or mall, there’s a good possibility you’ll get an error message like this. Because public Wi-Fi gets meant to work with HTTP, this is the case. Data and information shared over such networks will not be secure or encrypted.

If a hacker is watching that network, they’ll be able to harvest your data and use it against you. Reconnecting to your home network will resolve the issue in this situation.

  • Browsing Data

If your device has too much browsing data and history, it can cause network congestion, and you may receive the “not secure” error. Because browser data includes cached pictures, cookies, and other files, it’s a good idea to delete the cache and browsing data using the procedures below:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your device and tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Tap “Clear browsing data” after clicking on history.
  • Go to the tab and check all boxes, whether cache or cookies.

Go to the advanced tab and pick “time range” to avoid cache and browsing data from clogging your browser the next time you use it. You must select “all-time” from the drop-down option that appears. When you choose this option, the data will get cleared, and the error will get removed.

  • Incognito Mode

When it comes to browser data, cache, and cookies, there are situations when you don’t want to delete them. In this scenario, you should use Chrome’s incognito mode to see if the problem still occurs.

However, it gets not suggested that you use this mode because it does not preserve any information on the browser or device, so it is not the best option if you need to save something. Follow these steps to enable incognito mode on your device:

  • In the top righthand corner, click the three dots.
  • The new page will open after you click “New incognito window.”
  • Perform a previous search, and the corresponding webpage will appear.
  • Date & Time

The majority of people are unconcerned with this problem, although it can result in issues. You may also receive the “not secure” error as of it. Because web browsers check the SSL certificate validity using your device’s time and date, if the date and time on your device get not configured correctly, the “not secure” message will appear.

The SSL certificate will get rendered invalid if the date and time settings are incorrect. So double-check the date and time, and make any necessary adjustments. Follow the instructions below to check the date and time settings on your Windows PC.

  • Open the settings, type “time and language” into the search bar, and then select “date and time.”
  • Set the automatic time and time zone.
  • Browser refresh

If you’re a Mac user, though, you can follow these instructions:

  • Go to “date and time” in the system preferences.
  • Enable the “Automatically set date and time” option.
  • Enable “set time zone automatically” on the time zone tab.
  • Reload the page in your browser.
  • Security Suites

Some websites have built-in web security tools to prevent SSL connections and certificates from being established. To get rid of the “not secure” error, though, you’ll need to disable SSL scanning in your browser. If you have built-in or third-party antivirus and firewall software, consider turning it off and refreshing the webpage with the problem.

  • Unsafe Connections

If all else fails and the “not secure” message persists, you can still manually access the required webpage. Manual processes, on the other hand, can come with risks. Go to the advanced option and choose “go to the (website)” to continue the manual process, and the error should be gone.

  • Ignoring SSL Certificate

The problem may get fixed if you pick unsafe browsing through the manual approach, but it will only be a temporary workaround. So, if you want to get rid of this problem for good, you’ll need to adjust some settings so that SSL certificate failures get ignored automatically. Follow the instructions below to ignore the SSL certificate on Windows:

  • The first step is to go to properties by right-clicking on the Google Chrome icon.
  • “Ignore certificate error,” type in the target field.
  • To save this modification, press the enter key.
  • If any prompts occur, press the next button.
  • The “not secure” message will go if you refresh the website.


MyFiosGateway is a well-known brand among gateway routers. It is known for its reliability, efficacy, and ease of use. Although the gateway router includes a variety of capabilities, consumers still experience the MyFiosGateway not secure issue while accessing the internet. This problem could have a variety of causes. You’ve seen all the tried-and-true solutions to this problem in this tutorial.

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