MyKFCExperience: Benefits & Satisfaction of Online Survey Portal [Guide]

If you are a chicken lover, then you may have visit KFC once in your life. KFC is located in 142 countries, and your country should be one of them with KFC franchises. Providing Feedback and customer survey review makes KFC better in the quality of food, service, and environment. Go with the official KFC online survey system “MyKFCExperience” offered by KFC to get the proper Feedback of every customer from all around the world.

About KFC:

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a full form of KFC founded by Colonel Harland David Sanders in 1930 in the United States of America. Being the most popular fast food which expands internationally makes it possibly available in your city. At first, American fast-food chains were introduced outside the world was in Canada, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, and Mexico in the 1960s. Today KFC has 20,000 + outlets worldwide because of the MyKFCExperience survey system provided by the official KFC online website.

The focus part of KFC food is fried chicken, which is specialized to serve the best and make KFC rank on 2nd possession worldwide. This survey system helps KFC to know what the client feels about their administration. It is the reason which makes KFC introduces the MyKFCExperience customer satisfaction survey.

Requirement For MyKFCExperience To Maintain Online Survey Standards

KFC began their overviews, to make their administrations shockingly better, and to see the psyche of the client. The overview is tied in with, addressing a few inquiries dependent on the experience.

  • The members must have a time of over 18 years.
  • The member must be a resident of the recorded enrolled nation.
  • The member must have essential information on English or other language required.
  • You should have the KFC receipt, which is not exactly a month old.
  • Visit Survey to peruse all the KFC overview data.

How To Get Benefits & Satisfaction Survey From MyKFCExperience Online System


KFC conducts customer benefits & satisfaction of the online survey, which helps Kentucky Fried Chicken to get proper results. If you visit KFC and purchase anything from there, you will be getting a receipt. This receipt can get you a 10% off or cash discount on your next KFC buy.

Step #1. Open the MyKFCExperience survey portal into a new tab web browser.

Step #2. You will be asked the survey code which you get on the previous order receipt of KFC located at the bottom of your receipt and then click on the “Continue” button.

Step #3. Now mention time, which is mention on the KFC receipt.

Step #4. A survey will begin in which you can see the different inquiries. Answer the inquiries individually.

Step #5. There is some appraising present, which you have to rate as indicated by their experience.

Step #6. At last, when the inquiries complete, you have to enter your contact subtleties.

Step #7. When you finish every one of the inquiries, you will get a code on the screen.

Step #8. Note down the code on the receipt which you get on the screen after completing mykfcexperience survey.

Suggest: You can take the snapshot of that receipt after writing the code because sometimes one week does not survive the receipt paper.

My KFC Experience members will have the option to recover the code. You should simply exhibit the code in KFC during your following visit.

What is the need of Feedback in KFC?

The main reason for the feedback survey of MyKFCExperience is to know customers better so that KFC can provide a better service in every franchise of KFC worldwide. The entire information with KFC collect under the name of the survey is used solely for research purposes. KFC assure their every customer that the information provides during myKFCExperience survey will never disclose to anyone.

What type of question asked in MyKFCExperience survey online service?


These are the question which will be asked during an online survey are all about customer experience in KFC.

  • Was the food to your liking? (Yes/No)
  • Were you served speedily? (Yes/No)
  • Was the restaurant clean? (Yes/No)
  • Was the service hospitable and friendly? (Yes/No)
  • Was the restaurant well maintained? (Yes/No)
  • How was your last KFC experience?* (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)
  • Will you visit us again?* (Yes/Maybe/No)
  • Will you recommend us to your friends & family?* (Yes/Maybe/No)
  • Did you get value for your money? (Yes/No)
  • Did you receive what you ordered? (Yes/No)


You can type your Feedback in detail into the given box.

Another box for “What would make your return more frequently to this restaurant?”

This question also asked by KFC, “How can we serve you better,” and the customer can reply to the given box.

Final Words:

How many benefits do you get from the MyKFCExperience survey using the above online survey service method? Share your experience in the comment box.

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