Is the Apple Studio Display a good deal (Video)

The new Apple Studio display launched recently, the device starts at $1,599, if you go for the top model with the adjustable stand and nano texture glass costs $2,299.

Is the new Apple Studio Display a good Deal? Marques Brownlee has a look at Apple’s new display and we get to find out more details about the device in a new video.

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We will find out if the new Apple monitor is worth the price that Apple is charging for it.

The new Apple Studio Display is designed to be used with the new Mac Studio, it will also work with a range of MacBooks and it will also work with a range of iPads.

When compared to Apple’s Pro XDR monitor which costs around $5,000, the new Apple Display may seem like a good deal at $1,599. When compared to other monitors on the market which may have similar specifications the new Apple monitor may not be such a good deal in terms of specifications and price.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a monitor, the new Apple monitor is now available to buy and the device starts at $1,599 in the USA, the top model will set you back $2,299.

Apple Studio Display Video Review

Source & Image Credit: Marques Brownlee

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