Let’s Find Out The Best Alternatives To Piknu

Have you heard the word Piknu before? If yes, check out the article below to find out the alternatives to Piknu. But if you haven’t heard the name before scroll down through the article and get to know what Piknu is. Whether you are an Instagram user or not, Pinku is going to help you. Sounds Interesting right?

Have you heard of the term Instagram web Viewer? To Know about Piknu, you must first know what is Instagram web viewer. Instagram web viewer allows you to see your newsfeeds, to comment, and like photos. There are a lot of Instagram web viewers available on the web, but piknu is different!

What is Piknu?

Everyone knows that Instagram is an app available only for Android and iOS devices but what if you want to see Instagram on the bigger screen such as your PC or Laptop.

Piknu is a special website designed to view Instagram on a laptop/PC. You can search for a particular user or hashtag on Piknu and view about that.

If someone’s profile is public, you can view their pictures and posts without any hassle and the user even dont know that someone else is spying on them but mandatory is their profile should be public.

Piknu Shows you all trending hashtags and some popular user-profiles and popular photos that you may spy directly. Without even having an account on Instagram, you can directly see what’s going on Instagram. It has various advantages and disadvantages.

The app is simple and easy to navigate. No need to login to your Instagram account and its simply a fast way to explore things around. Share content easily just on a single click.

It has one con, you need to remember the exact Instagram ID of the person whom you want to spy on.

  • No of unique visitors- 5716
  • Pageviews per day- 8002
  • Value of Piknu- 140,160 USD
  • No page views per unique visitor- 1.4
  • Rank- 6,059 in the world
  • Hosted by- CLOUDFLARENET – Cloudflare, Inc., the US in the United States
  • Domain-.COM top-level domain.

The myth about Instagram Story viewers…

You get to Now about Stalkers

While the truth is, its completely anonymous.

According to Julian Gutman, Product Lead for Instagram Home “…The people that show up on that list are not the people that stalk you the most.”

Instead, viewers are arranged by whom Instagram thinks you’re closest to, based on your interactions with them, not the other way around.

How Viewers list help Brands?

The Instagram Algorithm works in a different way. It arranges the list of your viewers by the way you are close to that person, not the other way like how much he/she stalks on you.

And here comes the role of Instagram Analytics.

Instagram Analytics has a lot of information about your viewers. Hence, Brands can access a lot from Instagram Insights, which shows far better data for businesses.

How Instagram Insights show you the data according to the user’s behavior?

  • Reach: Number of people viewed your Story
  • Excited: Number of viewers clicked on your Story
  • Forward: Number of viewers are continuously viewing your stories, next-to-next.
  • Link Open: Number of times they opened a link in your Story
  • Next Story: Number of users closed your story midway and moved on to someone else’s
  • Replies: No of replies did a photo or video get

What You Can Include in Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a good way to engage your followers. It can be anything

Photos, videos, hashtags, Stickers, and posts. Instagram stories stay active for 24 hours only while Highlights stay active until you remove them. Make your Instagram story highlights and enjoy it!

Platforms like Piknu

There are many platforms like piknu that basically known as Instagram web viewers. They all work in the same manner and you do not need to have an Instagram account to see millions of photos over the web.

If you do not have a mobile and have a PC then you can use these platforms to have a look at what’s trending around the world.

1) Instorygram.com


Instorygram is a very clean platform that makes you feel mesmerizing as soon as you enter onto the platform. You can here search for people, hashtags, stories, or posts whatever you like to.

You can share the viewed story directly on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

The platforms show you the trending keywords. It’s very easy to use. The platform is very well categorized in various like travel, cars, home decor, beauty, etc. As you choose one category, it opens up all the related stories and posts on your screen.

2) Storieswatch.com


If you want to download and view Instagram stories anonymously, privately, and secretly then go for storieswatch.com. The user-interface has nothing but only a search bar. Its no that appealing but easiest to use.

Enter Instagram username in the search bar and watch their stories with the help of storieswatch.com.

3) Privatephotoviewer.com

Has someone blocked you? Do you want to see their photos and posts? Yo have come to the right place then. With the help of Privatephotoviewer.com, you can see pictures of anyone anytime. It works like Connect you to Instagram servers, then process your request and find the profile you want to see, then they connect you to the database and show you the uploads and pictures. Sometimes you may have to go through, bot detection system to verify if you are a human being.

4) Insusers.com


The website insusers.com comes with the name instagrems, discover Instagram as you wish with this amazing platform. The platform is very nice as it provides you the popular trending hashtags. To see about popular hashtags you can directly pick one from there and click on it.

Otherwise, enter username in the search bar and look whatever you want to.

The platform is very well categorized into top-ranked, popular users, popular media, and popular hashtags. The one main advantage of the platform is that it shows you the statistics on who is not following you back on Instagram and whom you are not following back.

5) Thepicgram.com


Thepicgram is an Online Instagram Viewer tool which helps people analyzing and viewing Instagram profile, hashtag, popular accounts. With this tool, you can instantly see images, videos, Stories, and biography of any Instagram Profile anonymously.

The platform shows your top-ranked Instagram account on the home page. It is a high-quality and safe platform to use. The platform keeps updating at regular interval of hours and give you up-to-date information. Millions of users come on thepicgram.com every day.

6) Instaxyz.com


Instaxyz is another platform to search for Instagram users. It is a fast and secure Instagram web viewer. Instaxyz.com is simple to handle and use. No hassles, no categories, just a search bar, and popular users.

You can search for a user by entering the data in the following format:


Or @username

7) Imgtagram.com


Instagram is a new way to surf, view, and download Instagram media. It shows you statistics very clearly related to your followers. The stats get updated in real-time. View the pictures, posts and other media with the help of imgtagram.com

The user interface is attractive by its appealing color combinations on the website, which really matters to hold the users.

Find any user, get a list of popular media, download media, Explore various tags, view content, and much more on imgtagram.com.

Final Words

Well, folks, this is all about Instagram web viewers including piknu and alternatives to Piknu. I hope you would like this simple and compact guide to Instagram web viewers.

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