Top 5 Similar Sites Like RepelisPlus to Watch Spanish Movies Online

The popularity of online streaming has peaked at a high point in the last decade and it is going to make new heights in the future. Mainstream streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are not only producing English movies and series but to attract viewers from other countries they are offering content in various languages. But not all the users can pay the subscription to these legal streaming services and that is why they have to depend on the free movie streaming sites. There are lots of free movie sites to watch movies and series in English but there are only a few when it comes to Spanish. RepelisPlus is among the most popular websites that offer content curated for Spanish-speaking audiences.

RepelisPlus is not only available as a website but an Android app from the site is also available which offers a similar streaming experience with an intuitive interface. Spanish-speaking viewers are surely going to access a huge collection of Hollywood movies in Spanish audio as well as with Spanish subtitles.

RepelisPlus is obviously among the best free streaming sites for Spanish movie devotees but there are many other sites similar to RepelisPlus that can be the best alternatives to RepelisPlus. Here, we are going to show the list of the best Spanish sites to watch free movies and shows.


This page has survived several conflicts, so they had to change their domain several times. For this reason, it was placed on this list of the best sites, since it could be the best alternative to RepelisPlus all the time. It also has a large collection of content, but to enjoy it, you must first complete the registration.

It has a large gallery. Its content is very varied and it is a very easy platform to navigate. Also, when choosing, it will show you all the information about the film and series. Also, user comments will be displayed and you can choose options whether to download or view online.


This site is an excellent alternative to RepelisPlus. It is characterized by offering users an unbeatable streaming experience. All the credit goes to a wide catalog of options with free and high-quality content. The administrators of this platform are concerned about updating new content regularly. Therefore, they are always at the forefront with new release titles. The best thing is that you will not be bothered at any time by the invasive advertising, which you might be fade-up of at other similar sites like RepelisPlus.

The site is active, easy to use, and very intuitive. In this sense, you will be able to watch all your favorite movies. Also, by using it, you won’t have to deal with frequent pop-ups that can invade your computer. It is the perfect option, you will get the movie you want to enjoy so much in the comfort of home, without leaving your comfortable sofa.


Without a doubt, the extensive collection on this similar website like RepelisPlus is one of the most complete and extensive that exists. Therefore, it is classified as one of the sites with the highest number of visits by fans of series and movies. Furthermore, the quality of audio and video is unmatched. It allows you to view the videos online, it cannot download.

The content offered is designed for all types of audiences, therefore it has a diverse program. In this way, it manages to captivate all members of the family from the smallest to the oldest. Also, for the documentaries, this is the ideal place. Even though the site is a bit substantial, and its database is somewhat limited, the loading capacity of the content is fast. Therefore, if you have a good Internet connection, from the moment you start to play what is selected it will roll without any inconvenience. All this is thanks to the fact that this RepelisPlus alternative has servers of the best streaming quality.

Cuevana 2

This is obviously a resurrection of Cuevana so it can be the best alternative to RepelisPlus and Cuevana as well. It is an excellent option for a large number of users. It provides all the things Spanish users looking for. The platform offers simplicity, speed, and access to the updated movies and series that you want to enjoy. It has been online for more than a decade. Therefore, it is considered a solid and recognized site. Although it has also gone through various difficulties, today it is considered as the perfect streaming website among the Latin Americans.

The content of the platform is extensive and allows you to browse its entire catalog without any restrictions. It stands out for all the genres provided. Also, for the premieres they always have and the possibility of viewing them in original quality.

Sony Crackle

If you are a fan of keeping up with the premieres of movies or series, this platform is what you are looking for. Its video and playback quality is impressive and this is due to its streaming capacity. It is recommended for movie lovers who are attracted to various types of genres. It is also constantly updated. Above all, in the case of the current series that set an audience record.

The site is totally legal and from Sony which is well equipped with series and movies but mostly with classic movies. However, it is not available for some countries, so pay attention to that.

Bottom line

These are not only among the best RepelisPlus alternatives in 2021 but also some of the best free Spanish movies and TV series websites. There are many other similar sites that offer the same content but we have mentioned here some of the best. If you have more similar sites to watch free movies and series in Spanish then mention their name in the comment box.

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