Sifu indie martial arts game launches on PC, PlayStation

Today, the brand new martial arts Sifu is available on both PC and PlayStation platforms. Felix Garczynski from indie games developer Sloclap has made it to his official PlayStation blog (PS blog) to offer tips for you to follow in your pursuit of revenge. Sloclap is an Sifu indie games company that is also the studio responsible for the development of Absolver. The studio has developed a third-person action game that features “intense Hand-to-Hand combat. The player assumes the role of the young Kung-Fu student looking for revenge and hunting down his family’s killers.

We are aware that Sifu indie is a challenge. Of course, it is dependent on the individual, and we are sure that you may not have any trouble obtaining your punishment! However, for those who might require help, we have put together some suggestions and tricks that can help you in tough situations.

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Martial Arts: Sifu indie follows the life of the young Kung Fu student on a course of revenge, looking for the killers of his family. He is the only one who has no friends and is surrounded by many enemies. He must rely on his unique skills in Kung Fu, and an unidentified pendant to win and protect his family’s legacy.

Kung Fu is mastery through practice, an avenue for both the body and the mind. Learn from your mistakes and unlock your unique abilities and find the strength within you to master the incredibly powerful methods in Pak-Mei Kung-Fu.

The search for your enemies will take you to dark parts within the urban area, from neighborhoods rife with gangs and the cold corridors of corporate buildings. You only have one chance and many enemies to contend with. For every error, there will be a cost.

A careful positioning and smart utilization of the surroundings in your favor are essential in your ability to survive. Make use of everything you can, throwing objects, non-leap weapons windows, and ledges. The odds are against you, and you’ll be treated with no mercy.

Sifu Review – Sifu indie (Video Trailer)

Source: Epic Games : PS blog

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