Run Jupyter notebooks from Google Cloud

Developers and hobbyists may be interested in the new way to run Jupyter Notebooks on Google Cloud thanks to a new one click deploy feature in the NGC Catalog.

The new feature has been created thanks to a partnership between NVIDIA and Google Cloud and allows those of you creating artificial intelligence projects to use Jupyter Notebooks from the cloud. “Simply go to the software page in the NGC catalog and click on “Deploy” to get started.

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Jupyter Notebooks on Google Cloud:

Hundreds of Jupyter Notebooks for the most popular AI use-cases.

One click to run NGC Jupyter Notebooks on a Google Cloud Vertex AI Workbench.

Automated setup with optimal configuration, preloaded dependencies, and ready-to-run Notebooks.

Data scientists can focus on building production-grade models for faster time to market.

To quickly get started, we offer Jupyter Notebook examples for hundreds of use-cases including:

Forest Inference LIbrary: Shows the procedure to deploy a XGBoost model in Triton Inference Server with Forest Inference Library (FIL) backend.

Recommendation: These example notebooks demonstrate how to use NVTabular with TensorFlow, PyTorch, and HugeCTR. Each example provides additional details about the end-to-end workflow, which includes ETL, Training, and Inference.

The NVIDIA NGC catalog offers GPU-optimized frameworks, SDKs, pretrained AI models, and example notebooks to help you build AI solutions faster. To further speed up your development workflow, a simplified deployment of this software with the NGC catalog’s new one-click deploy feature was released today.

Under the hood, this feature: launches the JupyterLab instance on Google Cloud Vertex AI Workbench with optimal configuration; preloads the software dependencies; and downloads the NGC notebook in one go. You can also change the configuration before launching the instance.

Source: NVIDIA   

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