What is searchtempest? Why It Is Popular These Days?

Are you tired of searching or navigating between different websites to look for the sale of your desired product? You have then landed on to a best article describing one of the finest search engines which can aggregate the results of multiple websites to one. Today we are going to discuss the Searchtempest search engine. Scroll the article below and know more!

What is Searchtempest?

Searchtempest is a collection of multiple different search engines that allows an user to search vividly different only categorized ads on websites like eBay, craigslist and amazon. Searchtempest has its headquarter in Victoria, British Columbia and was founded in the year of 2006. Since then it has offered full-time and part-time, also remote jobs to many people around the world. Searchtempest works on the idea of saving search time and efforts for an user, this search engine collects data based on the keywords a user is looking for from multiple websites, combining the results in a format easily accessible for the user on a single website.

Nathan Stretch, the founder of searchtempest, a canadian drop out student from electrical engineering, established the company in 2006. Many users get sick of searching multiple different websites for the items on sale, as it becomes quite a cumbersome process, Searchtempest is the answer to their problems. In current times, users of searchtempest can post any classified ads and can also search the items they want using the filters by state, region. With this website international searches are also possible. Searchtempest is a part of Tempest Systems Inc., including AutoTempest, which is helpful in combining the websites for ads of used cars.

More About Searchtempest

Searchtempest collects the history of a user’s searches related to a product and based on this historical data, aggregates the classified ads online on different websites to one. This website deals in providing you classified ads from bicycles to cars and trucks, recreational vehicles, boats and even wheels and tires. Searchtempest also allows you to search for musical instruments , electronics goods and even goods related to sports, a user may look for auto parts and bike parts for their motorcycle or bicycle.

Many search engines across the internet include works with Google’s custom search engine tool to provide users with the results. This allows a user to pass their searches through Google, with the parameters to cut short the results displayed. For example, a user may ask Google to search for an item and return results only from Amazon, for a 100% match with the keywords provided. Searchtempest on the other hand takes this search a bit farther, it will not only filter the results from Amazon but will provide you with results specific to the user’s city or the desired search area, along with the category the user was looking for among other different available things. Adding to all the above, Searchtempest not only searches for the desired items over google but also uses Bing’s search API, so that if there is anything that is missed in Google’s index, can be captured in Bing’s search.

Searchtempest in its top priority in developing the website has to respect the rights of websites like ebay, craigslist and amazon, and so for that the website makes it quite clear right from the beginning and many other instances that they have no affiliation or endorsement from any of the websites. The website even clarifies well in advance that do not use any kind of web crawlers to scrape or spider the above mentioned websites in any possible way, well in fact they mentioned that searchtempest do not even access any of the other websites pages for any reason, in the course of testing or developing their own website. The Searchtempest website works on only the fact of providing highly specific results using the general purpose search engines to their users.

Explained with Example

Let’s take an example of Craigslist, a tool to find motorcycles and other parts from both classic and new. Craigslist is very common among users and is one the most visited websites all over the world looking for motorcycles and their parts, but has a limitation of searching only in the nearby areas, that limits the features a bit to be desired. And that’s where searchtempest comes in, a user can search for motorcycles nationwide from Craigslist, with many levels of customization possible. No more switching of location to look for shopping for the super-rare machine you always wanted.


If you are a type user who likes to search multiple websites before purchasing an item, but is tired of toggling between different websites, Searchtempest is the one the best available option for you. Navigating between multiple websites can be cumbersome and even you may not remember the result from one when compared to the other, resulting in loss of a great deal. Searchtempest here helps you in overcoming all these problems by aggregating all the results on one single page.

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