Torlock-: Let’s find the best proxy and mirror site of Torlock

Torlock is among one of the best sites that provide all the content related to entertainment. It provides all the related content in almost every language. If you want to get access to vivid entertainment such as movies, games, songs, or any related web series. This is a torrent site that has a bulk load of content. While finding some of the content, sometimes it is quite hard to access them. These can opt through the use of proxy and mirror sites. These proxy sites are dynamic and keep on changing at regular intervals. In this excerpt, we will provide some of the best proxy and mirror sites that can help you to access this site. These probable lists of proxy and mirror sites help you in every way possible. Torlock’s home can be accessed through these alternatives.

What is Torlock? is a torrent search engine and directory. It has access to all the material that is copyrighted. It respects the relevant norms and keeps an authentic touch. If in any case any of the copyright owners requests, when Torlock removes that content. The torrent files available in Torlock are simple files with metadata. This metadata cannot be copyrighted. This torrent site doesn’t host any files or torrents. There is a specific process that entails the proper functioning. The indexing and removal of any type of content are automated. Until and unless something is not broken, Torlock doesn’t check it. This site has a modus operandi that entails the professional relationship with the copyright owners.

Ways to unblock Torlock

Sometimes people are unable to access the site, this is due to the different norms that make it quite difficult to reach, and most of the countries have banned the use site. For accessing these sites different methods can help you to get the desired content. This content is vivid as these sites contain from every genre. Two ways are used commonly for access to these sites. Here we are providing elaborative information about those two.

  • Proxy or mirror sites
  • VPN

Proxy/Mirror sites for Torlock Proxy or mirror sites are the evident way that provides access to blocked or restricted content. When this site is not accessed with normal settings, then this method can be used for accessing the contents and downloading the. Apart from the proxy sites, there are some of the mirror sites that also provide access to these sites. Sometimes firewall detects the proxy servers and blocks them. For this, you can opt for VPNs i.e. the other effective way to access the sites. The following are some of the proxy sites and mirror sites for your reference.

  • Zalmos Proxy
  • Glype Proxy
  • Google Translate Proxy
  • Yandex Translate Proxy
  • Appspot Proxy
  • Glype Proxy

VPN for Torlock

There are various Torlock VPN that provides access to these sites without any hassles. It provides relief from getting caught. Some of the VPNs are way strong and even the governmental bodies cannot get a hold of them. Some of these are provided free of cost and others can obtain from the market by either providing them a fee or taking the membership. Apart from the VPNs, various browsers work with the intact VPNs. You can directly access torlock through these browsers.

There are some of the measures that should be taken while accessing these sites with the help of these VPNs. These are the connection that provides secure access while making you connect directly to the private network. There are some of the specific VPN for Torlock that needs maintenance and support. Offering a VPN by these sites causes massive expense to these sites. Though there are some of the free VPNs providers. Some of the free VPN services that helps you to access Torlock is provided below:

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Ioacy VPN

These are some for the best in class free VPNs that provide massive help while accessing Torlock. With the help of these, you can easily get a grasp of the various content available on the site. Torlock download manager can be accessed with the help of a VPN.

Best alternatives to Torlock

Different websites offer a wide range of content that can be downloaded to maintain the need for entertainment. These sites contain a bulk load of entertainment content such as movies. These websites are safe and can be used for downloading anything that you need. Following is the list of Torlock alternatives that can help you to grab some of the best content.

  • Jalshamoviez

This is one of the most popular internet sites that can enable the user to download the movies, it has a wide variety of content starting from Hollywood to Bollywood. You can also search for language-wise and also genre-wise. This is one of the sites that is hated by the film producers as they enormously make them lose money by increasing piracy. It has millions of users who get an opportunity to select from a wide range of options. This huge catalogue of movies is the best and comes without advertising. When it comes to watching online the user can opt for this on their android device.

  • Wapking

If you are an avid fan of movies, then this is the site that fulfills all the entertainment needs. Wapking is a torrent website that provides a wide set of pirated contents whether it is movies or TV shows. These websites are unlawful and provide pirated content only. Though this website is unlawful but experiences a massive inflow of visitors. One can easily get some of the best movies to link here and attain themselves with entertainment. This site works through the magnetic link. One should be cautious while visiting these sites as there are numerous instances of the penalty imposed by the government.

  • Pagalworld

The Pagalworld enables the user to download all types of Hindi movie songs. They provide free content that massively constitutes songs. With the increase in Bollywood movie’s popularity, this site has been using that as its core operation. If you are an avid fan of Bollywood movies song, then this site provides a set of options that can enable you to choose the songs as per your will and desire. You can even select the songs as per the genre which provides vividity to the site. This site is gaining massive popularity in the country as well as abroad for getting a fair share of song experience.

  • Tamilrockers

This is a torrent website that provides the availability of copyrighted material illegally. This material includes television shows, movies, music, and videos. A visitor can easily search for any copyrighted material and download them as their desire. One can easily download the materials with the help of magnet links and torrent files. It facilitates peer to peer sharing. In the past, this site has been blacked in some due to illegal concerns. If you are an avid entertainment fan, then Tamilrockers can provide a bilk load of contents. With this internet site, one cab gets massive options of entertainment altogether.

  • 300mbdowload

This is a website that is popular for providing entertainment content to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This site generally provides a list of content in a specific size of 300mb. The minimal size is mostly preferred by the users as that doesn’t piles up in their device memory. This site provides a wide range of contents that includes Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. Users can also opt for some of the music videos. The process of downloading is quite simple. There are certain keywords related to the contents that can help to find any type of content on this site.

  • DjPunjab

This is one of the oldest sites that provide mp3 songs. You can easily download mp3 songs from this site. This site is famous for its massive collection of Punjabi songs and albums. Though this is a website that provides pirated content and keeps on leaking Punjabi songs, video songs, and albums, but also takes the benefit of the tempted ones to create massive traffic. This not only provides songs but also enables you to download them. It also enables some of the mp4 songs. If you are quite a fan pop and rock Punjabi songs, then this site can provide you all without much effort.

  • Downloadhub

It is one of the popular websites to obtain regional entertainment content such as Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Pakistani, and many more new additions. These contents are movies or video content. It is more of a pirated website that offers duplicated content of the Indian and Hollywood film industry. Piracy is a crime and there are some harsh rules to obtain the copyrighted material illegally, but this site can provide them without any stress. This is one of the websites that are not only popular in India but also people from abroad visit regularly.

  • 123mkv

website that provides access to all of your favorite movies on this website you can either watch the movies or download them. There are varieties of contents. This is the best site for those who have an internet connection, but lack of time. They prefer watching their favorite movies online. This site provides access to almost all genres of movies such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu. It also enables you to get some of the best-dubbed movies. The user also can opt for different qualities such as mp4, HD, Full HD, 300mb, and Dual Audio qualities from 123mkv.

Privacy policy of Torlock

Being one of the most popular torrent sites, Torlock has its privacy policy that should be followed by the users. These policies are as follows:

  • does not log in. it doesn’t need you to sign up or sign in for any type of download. You can just visit and download the desired material.
  • provides access to third-party services that can help you to use a minimal amount of data for downloading the relevant material. This is one of the USP of this site.
  • doesn’t want to know about your history or the things you do online. It provides private access and helps you to maintain your privacy.

Things you should take care of while using Torlock

When you are using Torlock for downloading any type of content, it is mandatory to follow some of the rules. These rules imply the different concerns associated. One who doesn’t follow can be prevented from accessing the site. Following are some of the takedown policies that should be considerate:

  • It is mandatory to provide full torrent URLs, no categories or search queries should be used for searching any specific content. For example
  • You should use your company email. It doesn’t provide free mailboxes such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • The Torlock search engine is effective for searching the contents.
  • Being polite can help you in accessing all the relevant aspects of the contents.
  • In case you are reporting something or you have any issues with content, then these takedowns are processed in 3 business days.
  • You should provide google Sample DMCA Notice if you never have done this before.
  • In case of any communications, you should mail to


Piracy is one of the most important concerns in today’s art sector. The people of the creative field are very stressed out with the illegal transfer of their stiffness. This hurts them in the best possible ways. They keep on trying to restrict the usage of these websites so they can get a fair share of remuneration. In some countries, these websites and torrent sites are named you will need specific permissions or the above ways of proxy or mirror sites to get a hold of that. VPNs are the widely used alternative that provides access to these sites. Apart from these VPNs, the use of mirror sites is also very popular it also provides access to these torrent sites. Just use it wisely and don’t indulge in anything illegal.

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