What is WMI Provider Host And How Does It Effects Windows High CPU Usage?

You get any information about the windows operating system, and behind this information is the WMI provider host. The full form of WMI is Windows Management Instrumentation, where WBEM (Web-based Enterprise Management) is implemented on Microsoft. This standard of technology develops to gerund information on management initiatives in the business environment.

The standard method of WMI provider host is the Common Information Model (CIM), which represents the company networks, systems, devices, applications, and other managed components. If you are using the next-generation system, then WMI will be known as MI. It is compatible with WMI, where the benefits and features of the host are supporting in developing and designing providers.

“If you want to know more which windows operating programs are connected with WMI Providers Host then check out the official table list. It will provide the actual picture of what WMI provider hose is and how it works on the Windows system.”

How Does WMI Provider host work?

Windows Management Instrumentation permanent house is also shared with several service hosts. It sometimes shows that the provider fails while stopping entire services. WMI providers host processes are indeed loaded in “Wmiprvs.exe,” where more than one process is run under one name, and that needs to stop. The reason to stop the WMI provider host is that it causes High CPU usage and makes the system slow.

Sometimes users think that it is a virus and try to remove it. There get success in removing it, but due to no WMI provider host, some of the windows programs do not work properly. So it is better that you should disable for a limited time, which will stop all the unnecessary programs that cause high CPU usage will be stopped. And whenever windows program needed WMI provider host, it automatic turns on its function to provide the information about the program to Microsoft windows.

Best Way To Stop WMI Provider Host Service is to Restart It

Step #1. For your Windows 10 operating system, open the “Run” program by Windows + R key together, and it will pop-up on the screen. Now Type “service.msc” into provided run search bar and click “OK” button.

Step #2. Service (local) window will pop-up on screen and then press the “W” key for the “Windows Management Instrument” service. Select the “Restart” option by using the Right mouse click on WMI.

Step #3. From your keyboard key press “Windows + X” together and the option will appear. There click on “Command Prompt (Admin).”

Note: For Windows 10 Creator update user type “cmd.exe” in Run search bar and right-click on “Command Prompt,” where click “Run as Administrator” option.

Step #4. You are now into the Command Prompt windows; here you need to type “net stop iphlpsvc” “net stop wscsvc” “net stop winmgmt” “net start winmgmt” “net start wscsvc” and “net start iphlpsvc.” You can take a screenshot as an example.

At last, you need to restart the system; it will help to apply all the changes you made for restart WMI provider host.

Final Words:

There is another method called “Uninstall Components Driver.” It will cause harm to your windows system and make your operating system slower and worse. So it’s better that you stick with the above-given method, and in case if you get any troubleshooting issue, then contact us through the comment box or go directly to the official Microsoft Windows store for WMI provide Host issue.

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