Best Alternatives To YouCam makeup App 2021

Since the invention of cameras and photography, photo-capturing machines slowly started to influence our lives, especially after the 70s. How can we not like to see the best moments of our lives captured and printed to stay with us forever? After technology started taking over our daily routine through mobile phones and computers, we depended on our mobile phones for almost everything apart from just communication. Be it cooking, learning, exercising, and working, mobile phones became our best buddy.

Selfies became the new normal soon in capturing our favorite moments and posting them on social media to gain likes and followers. A lot of selfie applications started emerging, giving a tough choice for the commoners to pick one. Out of it all, the preference for makeup camera was in high demand. YouCam makes up app became the most popular selfie app in the Play Store, impressing viewers with its likable filters.

What is YouCam? 

YouCam is the popular selfie camera application in the Play Store, which has gained millions of users across the globe through its list of beautifying filters and bright camera nature. The application is the favorite pick of any youngster you spot. The selfie app was developed in China and was launched in 2014 by a China-based company. The app was a big hit in the Indian market until the Government of India banned it recently. The application ban by the Indian government has left its millions of users in worry to find apps similar to YoucCam makeup.

Why is the YouCam App banned?

The app was banned recently because of the border tension that is ongoing between India and China in Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps on June 29, 2021, as a result of the border issue between the two countries. The government cited that the Chinese apps may threaten the safety and security of Indian users’ data, and that’s why it had to ban them to protect our data privacy.

Fans of YouCam make up the app, do not worry! Here are 10 alternatives to YouCam:

  1. B612- Beauty & Filter Camera 

B612 is a selfie app that has similar features like YouCam. It is considered as the best Youcam makeup alternative app in the Play Store. B612 is available both on the Android and iOS app stores. The app was developed by a company based on South Korea. The app has over 1,500 varieties of stickers to recognize your face and turn it into cute animals. B612 has real-time beauty effects and high-quality filters to beautify your selfie click. You can also edit and apply filters to the already existing pictures in your phone gallery. The app also allows you to create photo collages, boomerang videos, and music videos.

  1. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab is a creative photo-editing app with more than 900 photo effects. The app lets you explore the comic side of your picture with numerous funny photo effects and filters. You can create animated effects in Photo Lab. The app has the unique feature of editing your photos in professional and artistic ways. It has various photo frames to give a different outlook for the pictures. Photo Lab uses a face detection algorithm to detect your face automatically to create face photo montages and turn your face to something else that you want. The app also has a photo collage feature to add your favorite moments in a single frame.

  1. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is an exclusive selfie app that has 100 million-plus downloaders in the Play Store. The app has beautifying selfie filters and lets you take selfies in silent mode. The camera app’s filters will redefine your skin tone and make it look flawless. You can Swipe left and right to change between filters in Candy Camera. Apart from filters, the app has extra features like lipstick, mascara, skin whitening, and several make-up stickers which can be re-sized. The app also has a photo collage option with different grids.

  1. Koda Cam – 1998 Cam

Bored with modern selfie camera apps? Time to go Retro with Koda Cam – 1998 Cam app. Koda Cam is the perfect Retro camera app for your selfies to get the 90s look. The app will make your selfies more attractive with a Vintage look. The app’s Vintage filters will give your photos an artistic and classy look. You can also adjust the exposure and color of your photo in Koda Cam. Impress your friends and family with classy pictures taken using Koda Cam. The app has retro filters that will give your pictures a movie-like feel. You can also edit the existing pictures in your gallery using Koda Cam, if not a new photo.

  1. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro has everything that you are looking for in a photo editing app. Photo effects, collages, filters, grids, background changer are some of the many features that the app has. You can explore your creative side using Photo Editor Pro. You can adjust brightness, saturation, etc with the 60+ filters in the app. Did you take an awesome picture in a messy background? Photo Editor Pro allows you to blur the background of your photo to give it a professional camera effect. You can slim your face and body in Photo Editor Pro to get the desired image. Multiple stickers are available to edit and explore creativity in your picture. You can also add text on your photos from various font styles available.

  1. Retrica – The Original Filter Camera

Retrica is known for its unique filters, which give your pictures an artistic look. The app has a timestamp feature on photos, which will record the time of your perfect selfie moment. Retrica allows you to select your favorite filter before taking a selfie, so you can save the editing time after clicking the picture. The app has zoom and blur effects additionally. Apart from photos, you can also take videos in Retrica. If you are bored with regular filters, switch to vintage camera effects in Retrica. Done editing? Click on the instant share button to post your photo on social media.

  1. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is one of the best photos and video editors in the Play Store. Looking for hot and trendy filters? PicsArt is your domain. The photo editing app has impressive beautification filters and tools to make your selfie the best. You can use PicsArt to remove unwanted objects from the photo frame and edit it according to your taste. Adding text to your photos is another remarkable feature in the app. You can add stickers and doodles to your selfies from the sticker and doodle collections in PicsArt. The app has options to blend photo layers and blur the picture background. You can also flip and crop photos in the PicsArt app. You can download the app to get access to so many features in a single platform. Apart from photo editing, you can edit, merge, and add effects to your favorite videos in PicsArt. The drawing tool is one of the unique tools in PicsArt.

  1. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr app is an ideal platform for selfie-takers with creative minds. With numerous filters and photo effects, Pixlr allows you to edit your pictures, create photo collages with customized photo size and background. You can adjust the color and exposure of your photos in this app. Artistic filters like a pencil sketch, watercolor, and a poster will turn your photos instantly to an art. You can also remove unwanted blemishes, black spots on your face using simple tools in PicsArt. Pick your favorite photo border to give your selfie a different outlook.

  1. Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera & AR Stickers

Beauty Camera is the perfect choice for selfie lovers in town. Try not to get lost among hundreds of eye-catching beauty filters. With the autofocus and timer feature, this is one of the favorite apps of selfie lovers in the Play Store. Real-time AR stickers in Beauty Camera will let you capture photos and videos most easily. Facial adjustments feature will allow you to edit your face and redefine its features. You can also adjust Vignette, sharpness, aperture, and blur effect in Beauty Camera. Stickers for photos and videos in the app are rich in quality. The app redefines your skin and makes it more shiny and glowy.

  1. PicsKit – Free Photo Art Effects Editor

PicsKit is a fun photo editing app that has high-quality features to make your photos look very professional. Unwanted objects in your photo frame can be removed or erased in PicsKit. You can change your facial structure, smoothen it, and brighten it using this app. Double exposure is another best feature in the app. Unlike many apps, PicsKit allows you to create your stickers and later use it in your photos. You can make photo collages and add many layers to your photos in PicsKit. You can adjust exposure, saturation, contrast, highlight, clarity, and shadow in this app. Cropping and rotating are added features.

The above-mentioned alternatives to the YouCam makeup app will suit you best for your likes. Want to try to make up online? YouCam makeup online is available with facial mapping technology to give you a virtual makeover. Skin tone analysis and Live 3D face technology will allow you to try on make-up and hairstyles and show them in the most realistic way possible. It won’t feel like you are doing something online, but will give you the real feel of make-up trials.

You can try hundreds of looks with different cosmetics online. From make-up to hairstyles, you can get dolled up using their virtual make-up tools.

Download YouCam makeup to explore different looks and start the fun dress-up game. If the app is unavailable, YouCam makeup apk is available for you to download on your smartphones. It is the best YouCam makeup app for real-time make-overs. The YouCam makeup cost is not as much as you think. Try out different looks to explore the easily available virtual dress-up platform.


Why was the YouCam app banned?

 YouCam was banned recently on June 29, 2021, by the Indian government amidst the ongoing border tension between India and China in Line of Actual Control (LAC). Along with YouCam, the government has also banned 58 other Chinese apps. According to the Government of India, the users’ data and privacy were at risk when using the banned Chinese apps. To protect the security and safety of Indian citizens the government banned 59 Chinese apps legally.

Can I access YouCam on my phone even after the ban?

Even if you have installed YouCam before the app was banned, you still cannot use it now. Though the app is displayed on your phone, you will not get any updates or access to it.

What is the Indian alternative to the YouCam app? 

Indian Selfie Camera is considered as the best alternative to the YouCam app. Made in India, the app consists of beautiful and artistic filters for your selfies. The filters will redefine your skin to make it smoother and glowy. It has retro photo effects which will allow you to create the vintage feel in your photos.

Are all the above mentioned alternative apps free to use?

Yes, all of the above-mentioned apps are free for you to edit your photos. However, certain features in an app will ask you for payment to unlock Pro features. But, all the basic editing tools in the apps are completely free to use.

Can any of the mentioned apps be banned sooner or later?

Many of the above-mentioned apps are made in South Korea. There is very little probability for any of the apps to be banned.

Are alternative apps useful only for selfies?

No. The alternative apps mentioned will work both on the front and back camera on your mobile phone. Though some apps are specially developed for selfies, most of them can be used for dual purposes.

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