Best sites like YTS to download HD content online

Are you searching for sites like YTS? Do you need to download HD content online? If yes, you are lucky reading this article, buddy!

Watching movies online through streaming is a trend now, while Downloading Torrent movies was a trend before. Nowadays it’s not secure to torrent movies online. Though there are a lot of platforms like YTS, the mandatory thing is to use a VPN along with. Movies are the best time pass and mainly in a scenario like going these days, Lockdown due to COVID-19.

In today’s article I am going to tell you about Best sites like YTS to download HD content online.

What is YTS? is a platform where you can browse and download various movies in HD format. YTS or Yify Torrents was a peer-to-peer release group known for giving a huge number of movies through the most famous Torrent platform, BitTorrents.

Yify was an attraction to downloaders because it downloaded movies in HD format keeping the file size smallest. In 2015, Yify/YTS was shut down by MPAA whereas a lot of websites like YTS are still getting abundant traffic.

Is YTS still alive?

The original YTS, which was launched 10 years back in 2010, is not alive now. Since its shutdown, many copycat websites are produced and those websites claiming to be new yify. The most ranked website among all clones is is one of the most-visited movies torrent sites world-wide and has changed several domains, maybe to avoid ISP blocking. Though now, All old domains are redirecting to the YTS.MX domain.

How works?

  1. Go to YTS official website.
  2. Search for a movie.
  3. Now you get a warning message that “Your IP is exposed”. This means you have to enable your torrents while downloading torrents.
  4. It’s completely your choice to take care of this error message or not!
  5. Select a video quality and allow Torrent file to download on your system.
  6. Open and execute the file then and enjoy watching your favourite movie in the best HD format.

A note to Remember…

Make sure that you are connected to a VPN while downloading Torrents. Downloading a Torrent File is illegal according to government laws and you may be stuck in copyright infringements.

So, please hide your Internet Protocol Address before downloading Torrent File.

Some of the VPNs are

  1. Expressvpn
  2. Cyber ghost
  3. Surf Shark
  4. Nord VPN
  5. Pure VPN
  6. IP Vanish
  7. Private Tunnel
  8. Private internet Access
  9. Hotspot shield
  10. Speedify

Some Important FAQs

What is a Torrent File?

A torrent file is a metainfo file, torrent file refers to a computer file that contains files and trackers. It does not contain the content to be distributed but contains various information about name, size, folder structure and cryptographic hash values. It’s usually named with the extension .torrent.

The size of Torrent file usually lies between 32Kb to 16Mb. Users around the world unintentionally download copyrighted content. So, when you are downloading some file make sure it does not have copyright issues.

What are the best Torrenting websites for movies?

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. YTS
  3. Torrentz2
  4. Torrent Downloads
  5. 1337X
  6. Kickass
  7. RARBG
  8. Zooqle
  9. LimeTorrents
  10. Nyaa

How to download Torrent files?

You can download Torrent files through Torrent downloaders:

  1. BitTorrent
  2. Web Torrent
  3. uTorrent
  4. Tribler
  5. qBittorrent

What is a magnet link?

A magnet link is a link that shares the hash code. The magnet link directs the user to the file that was shared with them.

What is Hash code?

Hash code develops a path between magnetic link and Torrent file.

What are seeds?

Seeds are the clients which have the full data of a torrent.

What are leeches?

Leeches are the clients which are connected and already downloading the data of a torrent file and did not complete the full download yet.

Best sites like YTS to download HD content online

I have already discussed the names of Torrent websites to download content. Here in this section I am going to talk about each one of them in detail. So let’s begin discussing each platform one-by-one.

1) The Pirate bay

The Pirate bay is one of the most popular websites for Torrents Downloads. Using pirate bay you can download videos, applications, games and other content also. This site allows users to browse torrents and know about recent torrents.

The interface is easy to use, a newbie can easily navigate through various options while browsing the website. The pirate bay shows advertisements and it’s necessary for funding to keep the site alive. Though ads are not dangerous but might be irritating sometimes.

2) Limetorrents

LimeTorrent is a Torrent search engine that does not host torrent files but links to torrents hosted on other websites. It is an amazing website for Torrenting and safe too. Adult content submission is not allowed.

LimeTorrents maintain privacy of the user and do not log its IP address. You can also upload torrents. You get here movies, shows, games, music, apps, anime and other things as well. The site contains 1,981,969 torrents.

The website is very easy to use. Go to the website, search for a movie, click on the result shown to you and then click on the download button. You have various download buttons, like Download torrent, download anonymously, and download magnet. Also, you can add the page to bookmark and RSS.

3) Cini Search

CiniSearch is very well known for providing torrents of TV shows and web series in different languages. On the website, mostly American and Indian web series are searched. But it doesn’t mean the torrents of movies are not available on this website. CiniSearch can also be used to get the torrents of the most popular movies. Its main focus is still on web series, and that’s why Cini Search is loved by the most!

4) 1337x

1337x is a website that provides a directory of torrent file, and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. 1337x is a pool of websites, and has many mirror sites as well. Like currently is working, you may try for or as well.

The platform is blocked in many countries but it’s not illegal to use. It has a large collection of content. The website was launched in 2007 but it gained popularity in 2018 after other competitors went down.

If i talk about the website interface then I would say it’s dark and more like an adult content website but this is not the scenario.

5) Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent was founded in 2006 but due to less website usage it is not that popular as other Torrenting websites. Reviews and ratings are overall good because of the compatibility it offers to download the stuff which it has. You can also post a request to upload the torrent file of the movie or TV show which you are looking for. As mentioned, not the best choice but one can surely try its luck to find the stuff on this uTorrent website.

6) Zooqle

Zooqle is another best YTS alternative that has a good collection of  movies and shows in it. It is blocked in many countries, so Zooqle has many mirror sites. Mirror sites do not work all the time, sometimes they are blocked and sometimes they work. A mirror site working today may not work tomorrow.

Go to the website and register there. Zooqle does not save any of your private information like Ip and DNS but it only stores the information you enter during registration.


RARBG is another popular website, that allows you to download movies and shows just on one click. The weiste is simple and easy to use. RARBG has many categories according to movies, shows, video quality etc.

If you are searching for a good alternative to YTS, go for RARGB.

8) isoHunt is the world’s most prominent bittorrent search engine which goes to every bittorrent tracker. Isohunt User with torrent client can download every torrent file they want to leech or seed. Torrent downloads are always associated with Bittorrents. That is why the website does not offer Torrents files anymore.

isoHunt is a website with a clear and clean interface. To use isoHunt,

You need to install a free binary client in order to access our releases. All you have to do is download the client from isoHunt website, install it and enter a valid mail address. You will then receive your free login information.

Final Words

Hey readers, how do you like the article?

I hope This comprehensive guide About YTS and its alternatives would be helpful for you. There are many other torrenting websites like Kickass Torrents, TorrentDownloads, Torrentz etc that allows you to torrent easily.

Go torrenting but be safe. Do not forget to use a good quality VPN to hide your IP.

Stay safe!

Happy torrenting and watching movies!

Thanks for reading!

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