World’s First CXL Memory eXpander controller introduced by Montage Technology

Montage Technology known for its data processing and interconnect IC design has this week delivered the world’s first Compute Express Link (CXL ) Memory eXpander Controller (MXC).

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Created to be used with add-in Cards (AIC), Backplanes or EDSFF memory modules, the new controller will enable significant scaling of memory capacity and bandwidth for data-intensive applications.

The MXC is a Type 3 CXL DRAM memory controller and is compliant with both DDR4 & DDR5 JEDEC standards as well as being designed to the CXL 2.0 specification and supporting PCIe 5.0 specification speeds.

CXL Memory eXpander controller

“Montage Technology’s President, Stephen Tai said, “CXL is a key technology that enables innovative ways to do memory expansion and pooling which will play an important role in next-generation server platforms. I’m very excited that Montage is the first company in the industry to successfully deliver the MXC chip, which signals we are making a critical step towards advancing the CXL interconnect technology to the memory market.”

CXL Consortium’s President, Siamak Tavallaei said, “The CXL Consortium is excited to see continued CXL specification adoption to enable technologies and solutions such as the CXL DRAM Memory eXpander Controller.” Montage Technology is working closely with industry-leading memory manufacturers to deliver advanced memory products based on the CXL MXC and help develop a robust memory ecosystem around CXL.”

Source: Montage Technology

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