Fanttik 299 Wh EVO 300 power station $400

Fanttik have unveiled their new portable power station this week in the form of the EVO 300. Equipped with a 299 Wh rechargeable battery pack capable of providing a wealth of portable power to keep your devices charged wherever you may be.

Weighing only 8.8 lbs or 4 kg, the portable EVO 300 offers users a stable output with 9 DC/AC ports, large LCD interactive display, a solar panel for fast and green recharging and 12 safety features.

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EVO 300 power station

“”In an era when everyone is concerned about the environment, traditional gas-powered devices are being criticized for their noise and noxious emissions. As a company dedicated to providing outdoor products that combine advanced technology with down-to-earth practicality for the younger generation, we believe that this new generation portable power station, which is electric-powered and emission-free, will provide greater value and a superior experience to our customers,” said Bo Du, CEO of Fanttik.”

“EVO 300 is our first portable power station, made for self-sufficient outdoor living. Take the power with you when you go off-grid. Charge a variety of devices and run small appliances on every outdoor adventure. The massive 299Wh battery capacity and 300W AC power output give you plenty of power for camping, hunting, or emergencies. Fully recharge the power station in just 2.5 hours using the 90W wall charger and a 60W PD charger simultaneously.”

“The 9 AC & DC outputs on the EVO 300 can power multiple electronic devices at once. The 4 inputs make recharging very flexible too. EVO 300 supports recharging from sunlight with an EVO Solar 100 solar panel in 3.5-6 hours. Solar energy is sustainable, clean, and free. It’s also the perfect power source for campers, RV users, and other adventurers while they’re off the grid.”

Fanttik 299 Wh EVO 300 power Video Tutorial


Source: Fanttik

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