Nitebuds, the Music-Listening Pillow for comfortable sleep, launches on Indiegogo

Nitebuds, the pillow equipped with speaker technology for comfortable sleep, is launching on Indiegogo. A combination pillow and speaker, Nitebuds helps those who need music to sleep comfortably.

Nitebuds’ sleep assist idea came from people who sleep with earphones on. Many people who have trouble sleeping will listen to quiet sleep music or pop songs. However, ordinary earphones can be irritating to the ears, cause sicknesses like earache and otitis externa, or cause discomfort from falling out of your ears.. Worst of all, continuous use of earbuds can be bad for your ear health, which is a fatal flaw.

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However, with Nitebuds, there are no such inconveniences anymore, because Nitebuds is designed in a pillow shape. With a speaker inside the pillow, you no longer need to worry about earaches or your earphones falling out while you sleep.

The instructions are simple. Just put the Buds InsertSpeaker inside the specifically designed pillow, and connect it with your smartphone for sleep music therapy. The pillow’s crater-like structure will take you to the concert hall as you are serenaded with music. The pillow’s shape and structure prevents sound from escaping, allowing you to listen at a volume 30% lower than conventional earbuds so as not to disturb the person next to you.

The Nitebuds’ app provides free Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) sound, ASMR,, stimulating the brain with pleasant sensations and psychological relaxation. White noise provided in the Nitebuds app improves psychological stability and concentration, and the optimized calm sleep music provided in the app induces natural sleep.

The pillow’s outer fabric, made of 100% cotton, provides outstanding softness and comfort, while the inner 3D-Mesh material minimizes irritation and delivers sound effectively.

Nitebuds is electronics, but still machine washable after taking the speaker out. Without the speaker, Nitebudscan be used as an ordinary pillow, or you can put whatever you want inside for other uses, too.

For example, on a hot sweaty summer night, you can use the ‘Cooling/Ice pack Insert’ (ice pack pouch feature) to stay cool. The ‘Cypress Insert’ feature is good for when you are stressed out. It gives you the feeling of aromatherapy using the scent of phytoncide.

For your height preferences, you can always adjust Nitebuds by using the Cotton Insert, or using whatever matches your preference. You can find out more details about the new Nitebuds over at Indiegogo.

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